Where the Heck do they come from? Blog Post 1

So many opinions about where the psychic flashes come from!  Some people automatically hop on the “evil devil worship” bandwagon, and will shout loud and long that any kind of psychic information comes straight from Satan.   They like to talk about rituals and rites and ceremonies held out in the dark woods by 12 naked people slaughtering something (or someone) so they can drink your blood.  Woooo.

Well, I don’t think they are right.  I really can’t prove it, except to point to many others who have made psychic predictions, and conclude that they were very unlikely to be devil worshipers.  Jesus Christ himself did say that he had paranormal abilities, and indeed, made many predictions.

The great Jean Dixon, psychic advisor to presidents, millionaires and celebrities,may have worshipped the god of money,  but she undoubtedly received some inside information from someone.  I think she was a nice lady and her gifts did not come from the devil.

One of my favorites is Sylvia Brown.  I would call her a psychic entertainer.  She went on television a lot and displayed her rather earthy humor along with her predictions.  She wrote a lot of books and seemed to have to have a lot of fun doing her thing.  Sylvia said she had a spirit guide, an Indian lady, I believe, since she was a small child.  She said her spirit guide wouldn’t reveal her name, so Sylvia named her.  This was apprantly okay with the spirit guide.

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