Woooo – More About where do they come from?

I really left off abruptly in my last post, “Where do they come from?”  The reason is that technologically I am an idiot.  I meant to come back and finish that post later, but when I came back, I couldn’t find it.  I thought I had deleted it.  I really can’t find the “save” button.

Finally, I did find and save it, and now I am trying to find out how to make a list of chapters in order by title so that I and anyone else who is brave enough to read this can find stuff.

I really want to say here that this blog is not about religion. Previously, I mentioned Jesus Christ and Satan, but only because many people believe that psychic predictions come from one of these sources.  And they might.  Who knows?  Maybe they come from my psychic predictions tree which is planted out on my patio next to my money tree.

The blog is really intended to be a place where my readers can give their psychic predictions so that I can catalog them and see if we are having a big preview of some upcoming event.

I don’t want to get too serious a tone about a subject that I don’t know much about.  I think a lot of people do take it very seriously, and I understand why.  I am very confused about Nostradamus.  He writes in riddles that can be interpreted a thousand different ways.  Although his predictions are considered to be accurate after all these many years, I observe that his interpreters really have some stretching of the facts to do when pointing to his accuracy.

Now, Edgar Cayce is a different story.  I grew up knowing about and reading about Edgar Cayce.  He was a frequent subject of discussion in my family.  I never knew why that was so until about six months ago when I was speaking with my 90 year old Aunt Dixie, and she said she was “one of his first children.”  I asked her to tell me more, and she said when she was a baby she had a very serious illness, and people thought she was going to die.  Someone in the family was able to contact Edgar Cayce and ask for one of his psychic healings.

Edward Cayce did thousands of psychic readings and healings.  He would go into a trance and search mentally for the person in question. When found, he would say, “I have the body,” and would then proceed to diagnose the problem and tell how to cure whatever the illness was.  He cured my Aunt Dixie and saved her life.  I think it was early in his work, and that was why my aunt was one of his “first children.”

I do believe in the predictions of Edgar Cayce.  I have read all the books I can find about him.  My favorite is “There is a River” by Jess Stern.  It is fascinating.  There is an Edgar Cayce Institute (A.R.E.) in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  After speaking with my aunt, I wanted to see if I could get a copy of her file from the archives.  Unfortunately, they will not undertake any research unless you join the Institute, and it is quite expensive.

There are lots of books available about his life and reseach, and most of it is very interesting.  I was bored with one book (can’t recall the name of it), but it described psychic healings in great detail, one after the other.  When I finished that particular book, I didn’t want to ever hear about another castor oil pack.  I will add here that I know someone who uses the castor oil packs prescribed by Edgar Cayce, and they work very well for him.

Thank you for reading my rather awkward construction that I call a blog.  If you have experienced any psychic flashes or have some predictions, I hope you will let me know about them.  I will keep any personal information anonymous.

See y’all later.  Be good and don’t forget to wash behind your ears!

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