The Great Earthquake: Is today, May 28, 2015, the end for us?

Tidal waveI have not mentioned anything about the great earthquake that many people have predicted will dump The West Coast into the ocean tonight around midnight. I do not wish to be a scaremonger, for one thing.  The predictions come from many different sources, some from individuals who believe the quake would occur, but did not know where or when, others with just a vague feeling something would happen around the end of May, and still others just making up stories out of what they have heard, or simply poking fun.

I cannot quote anyone without their permission.  I was surprised to find that many individuals had written about the possibility of the event in public forums, but had retained privacy rights against copies and quotes.  However, one well known Los Angeles weatherman talked about it in his weather report. I certainly don’t have the experience to be that brave.

The source that impressed me the most was posted on Twitter at Neon Nettie@NeonNettie.  It is titled Planetary Alignment Predicting Huge 9.8 Quake For California 28th May. The tweet has a link to a YouTube video made by Ditrianum Media which shows the planetary alignments of past earthquakes and compares them to the planetary alignment that will be present tonight.

The video is obviously well researched and comprehensive.  The narrator expressed his own personal psychic feeling that the earthquake will occur, and pointed to scientific, as well as astrological, facts and figures to back this up.

Even though I found it very convincing, as I write this at 6:14 pm Pacific Time, there are no small rumblings that I know of, no animals acting strangely that I know of, and just nothing unusual going on at all.  Doesn’t it seem that if an event of this magnitude was practically upon us, we would be feeling at least some small foreshocks?

I also have reassurance from Brother Jim that something else entirely is going on.  I will be giving you a great deal more information from Brother Jim in the future.  If anyone in the world has a direct pipeline to greater knowledge, I believe it is he.

So we will know soon.  I am torn by the contraindications, but on the whole, I believe that all is well and we can all say a big “Whew” tomorrow.  Take care now, and always wash your feet before you go too bed.  You never know when your final visitor will come.  Bye for now.

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