Unfollowing Myself. Why, oh why?

My mind just never shuts up.  Oh, it’s not saying anything clever or constructive.  It just natters along about inane things that do not belong in a human mind.  It is loud and rude, and it disturbs my sleep, and interferes with my concentration when I am trying to work on something.

And it nags at me worse than a Jewish mother-in-law.  Yesterday, I was driven to filling a turkey baster with water, freezing it, and then inserting it in a regular sized water bottle so it would drip a constant supply of icy cold water.  It looked ridiculous.  It was ridiculous.  But my mind refused to shut up until I did it.

And just now (Thank you Norton Security for shutting the laptop down without any warning to install Windows updates and make me lose my place.  I am going to crawl inside this machine though that little hole on the left side and kill you.)

I did upload a picture of a crybaby to go with all this whining and complaining, but I’m not sure where it is right now and whether I can move it to go with this post.

I can make some justified excuses for my lack of making any sense tonight.  1) I am tired. 2) My feet hurt.  3)  I am worried about Brother Jim in Texas.  Brother Jim lives with and for God, and it seems that God requires a great deal from him.  But Brother Jim goes more or less cheerfully about his business, which is all about helping other people.  However, Tropical Storm Bill has descended right on top of Brother Jim’s little community.  This is about the third wave of bad storms, flooding, high winds, hail…you name it, it hits the little “X” mark which is this small Texas town.

So I worry that Brother Jim will step in the flood waters and a snake will bite him, or a piece of debris will cut him and he will get that flesh eating disease.

Did you know that Bob Marley died in his thirties because he got cancer in his toe?  He refused to allow the doctors to amputate his toe, so the cancer cells grew,  It ate up his other toes, then his foot, and then climbed up his leg and got in his blood and his brain.  So Bob Marley’s wonderful music died with his toe.

I hope Brother Jim will stay safe through this night and coming weeks and years.  I think the world needs his toe.

Putting on my pink nightgown and going go bed now.  Good night.

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