The Mystical Mailman Cometh

A letter has poured in.  Our mailbag overfloweth.  Well, actually, several of you were kind enough to send some comments and inquiries.

I would appreciate hearing from you, whether you have a prediction, question, comment, or just want to chat. Any information you send will remain anonymous unless you indicate otherwise.

Ms. June P. from Lakeview Mobile Home Park in Memphis related her concern about her lost dog.  June has a miniature poodle named Puff Baby, who has been missing for over a month now.  June is distraught, lonely, and worried about her missing pet.  Her question, however, was somewhat unusual.

June has a neighbor in this senior community who she calls Old Biddy, who has coveted Puff Baby for a long time.  June feels that Old Biddy has taken Puff Baby, and has concealed the poodle within her home.  June requested that I put her in touch with sort of a psychic hitman who will scare Old Biddy into giving the stolen dog back.

I advised June that if there were any spirits of this nature, that they would not hire themselves out.  I suggested that she sit quietly and meditate about Puff Baby to see if her own spirit guide would assist.  I also suggested that she speak with the park manager in a friendly and non-accusatory way, and request assistance in finding her lost dog.

June related many more complaints, opinions, and general observations which leads me to wonder if Puff Baby, being an intelligent dog, had deliberately left to seek a more serene environment.

Another letter I received has nothing to do with any paranormal subject, but much to do with needing to be arrested and serving time in a prison cell.  A female wrote to me from somewhere in Africa stating her husband had died recently and had let her millions of dollars.  However, she said that her evil mother-in-law hated her, had placed a hold on the money, and turned her out into the streets.  She asked me for a large sum of money to pay for her transportation to the United States, where she planned to reside in my home while I hire American attorneys for her to get her inheritance, since all the African attorneys are afraid of her mother-in-law.

I deleted this letter as quickly as I could, lest it contain a virus of some kind or perhaps an evil eye curse.

I am disappointed that there were no predictions in the mail.  I would be very pleased to hear from you, even if it is just to say hello.

Don’t forget to wash you feet before you go to sleep, as you never know when your final visitor will come for you.  Good eve from Sweet Nan.


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