Humans Can Fly

cropped-blog-july-16.jpgI am sharing with you today a passage written by Brother Jim. He is a well respected and much loved counselor in Texas. Over the years he has helped so many people in so many ways, from inspiration to actually giving away his personal possessions to someone who in need. His own psychic abilities have grown over the years along with his knowledge and faith. God sends people who need help to Brother Jim by various means, and of course, he helps them. It has been documented many times that people, when trying to call a relative, a suicide help line, a drug help line, or other number, when in despair will misdial and become connected with Brother Jim.

He wishes to remain anonymous at this time, but if you wish to communicate with Brother Jim, send your message to me, and I will forward it to him. Here is his latest passage.


In Thomas Segue’s book “There is a River”, which is the life story of the modern prophet Edgar Cayce, they have a chapter in the back on philosophy. It is only man on the Earth that can’t seem to understand anything that doesn’t have a beginning and an end. In all the other manifestations of our existence, (Christ explained them as “in my Fathers house there are many mansions”) this is not necessarily so.

Every time someone tells this wonderful story, it will inevitably be a little different from the last time, because it depends on one’s perception, which is constantly changing as one goes through the life cycle. I will take my little stab at it.

In the beginning there was a great sea of spirit that occupied all of space. Imagine being everything. This was God. He longed for companionship. To put it in terms the people of this era would be able to understand, you might say that God blew away a small portion of Himself into millions of small portions. These portions became the Souls of men. Since all matter vibrates, and we were once a part of God, we vibrated at the same frequency He did. We had all the characteristics and capabilities that God had, but on a smaller scale. We were the sons of God!

As a gift to us, God began to build the universe. We flew around the universe effortlessly! The Psalmist said “before the earth was, I was….” Yes, proof the we are older than dirt! The 90th Psalm tells the story of the souls, and them being formed before the earth. I myself, as have many of us, have a remembrance of the “flight of the soul”.

Later, as animal life began to form on the earth, we the souls began to take possession of the animals upon the earth, making them do our bidding. This became great fun and sport. But in time something unexpected, (at least to us) happened. The souls, which had been able to enter and leave the animals at any time they desired, became “stuck” and were unable to leave the animal body until it expired. This probably did not send out the warning signal that it should have at the time, since an animal lifetime on the earth was more like what to us would be just a quick trip down to the corner store rather than a long span. What actually happened was a major disaster to us and to our God.


We saw God as being all-knowing, all intelligent. But perhaps because this creation was a new thing even to God. Maybe He didn’t see this disaster coming either! We were certainly no match for Him in power, but in our small way we were capable of doing the same things He did. But by becoming a pilot to the lower animals, we didn’t realize that we were lowering our own vibrations. Even if our God knew what we were doing, He had given us free will. He would not interfere with us! How could one be companions to someone we are superior to? Are those the right words? I hope so, but the point is we had no understanding of this!

There is no doubt to me that God wept! He had lost his beloved children. We had reduced ourselves to the mental and spiritual status of household pets in comparison to Him.

God refused to give up. His love for us was too great. Through evolution, He caused the refinement of certain of the animals that were roaming the earth at that time in order to make a perfect vehicle for the Soul. So, in actuality, the Greek mythological creatures that you have seen pictures of were really not myths at all, but prototypes that were found to not be adequate by God. Among these were the giants, who were found to be to large for their environment. The perfect vehicle for the soul, modern man was the result. When our vibratory rate is again like Gods, we can rejoin Him.

Anyone that feels that they have lived on the earth before his present life is very close to the truth. This is the miracle plan of God that He made out of His glorious love for us! This is a school, if you will. If we do everything right, when we leave here our vibratory rate will be increased. Or if we do poorly we may have actually lowered our vibratory rate more. On the other hand we could live a complete life of unselfish service to others like our Mother Teresa and not have a need to ever return to the physical plain of earth again.

So, I believe that when someone tells you the truth, in a way you can easily understand it, you will believe. We live many lives on the earth.


At a time in my life when things seemed to all be going against me, and I could not see tomorrow. I was like a car that was out of gas with no gas station anywhere. I laid my head down, but it seemed no sleep would come.

Then finally….

I was flying through the air. The temperature was perfect. As I looked down I could see the canyons, the stream, the trees. I could also see that there was no airplane. I became like Peter walking on the water. I was terrified. I went into a dive. But at the bottom I swooped into a climb. The ability to fly with no airplane was like nothing I had ever experienced before. What joy. What wonder. This is what it was like for us before we fell from Gods grace!

I never had this experience again. But never again did I live a minute not knowing for sure that WE ARE NOT EARTHLINGS.

Live in love for God, knowing that every person you meet is you sister or brother!

With love from Brother Jim

From Sweet Nan:  I would like to thank Mike Markovski for allowing me to use the beautiful picture which illustrates this post. He has been a source of encouragement and inspiration to me in my writing and striving to become a better person.  You can find many good things to ponder when you visit Mike at Mike Markovski on Twitter @miremarovski..

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