Finding Your Spirit Guide


Oh, yes.  You do have a spirit guide.  Everybody has one.  Some people call it God.  Some people say they have an angel on their shoulder.  Lots of fortune tellers say they have an Indian guide with an exotic name, like Ahwahla or Motapic.

The famous psychic and entertainer, Sylvia Browne, said her spirit guide refused to tell her its name, so Sylvia named her guide Francine.  Francine apparently did not object.  Sylvia died a number of years ago, but left a great body of work, recordings and transcripts of readings, predictions, and she wrote a number of interesting books.  She has a web site, run by someone named Chris, who gives readings and sells a lot of expensive memberships and other materials.  I guess spirits have to make a living, too.

There all all kinds of conceptions of spirit guides.  Some believe that even animals have spirit guides, and some believe they can choose a a certain animal, such as a horse or a dog, and connect with the animal’s spirit guide.  Spirit guides are a Western tradition, and are rarely encountered in other countries.

Anyone with access to the Internet can find all kinds of advice about how to find their spirit guide, but most of this advice is far from free.  Anything from leaving your body and going on an astral journey to search for your guide, to simple meditation, is suggested.  Many choose to go to a medium or a psychic or a fortune teller to get advice.  Some will call a telephone psychic hotline (Don’t do that, I beg you.  I worked as a telephone psychic, and just sat there and made stuff up out of the air.)  I will tell you about that another time.

Psychic flashes are vibrations that are in the very air that we breathe.  We have many receptors that are like antennas which will pick up a psychic vibration and relay it to you.  Our most common receivers are our regular senses:  seeing, hearing, touching, feeling, and smelling.

“Smelling?” you say.  Yes.  I know of several people who can smell upcoming events such as jet fuel from an air crash or burning embers from a house fire.  One lady smelled the delicious odors of a barbeque, and within the next five minutes, a friend called to invite her to a pool party and barbeque.

A friend of mine receives information mostly from touch.  She can touch a letter received in the mail and know without looking at it whether it is good news or bad news.  She can touch someone’s clothing,  jewelry, or their hand, and be so inundated with impressions that she had ceased to do that.


You know that animals can anticipate earthquakes.  Well, humans can too, with practice; practice being quiet and still for a few moments and giving yourself a chance to absorb the psychic flashes that are already in the air, provided to you by your sponsor:  Your spirit guide! 

All you need to do is sit quietly and allow your mind to drift.  If you find that you are thinking about work, going to the gym, or what to wear tonight, reset.  Make your mind blank again, and drift.  Takes a little practice, yes. But eventually, you will experience small signs that your spirit guide is channeling your psychic flashes to you.  If you can express a little bit of mental appreciation to your spirit guide, you may get some brownie points.  You may eventually come to know your guide and know when he or she wants your attention.  Don’t expect too much at first.  Remember, after all those years, Sylvia Browne’s spirit guide wouldn’t even reveal her name.  But she revealed much, much more.

Try to be relaxed with your efforts and have a little fun with them.  Don’t take them literally or too seriously, or you will get discouraged.  Laugh a little mentally, and I’ll bet your spirit guide will laugh with you!

If you have experienced psychic flashes, I would welcome your description.  You may remain anonymous if you wish, no personal information will be published.  You are not required to leave any passwords or email addresses if you leave a comment on this blog.  I hope to hear from you.

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