The Atmosphere in Your Sphere

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I saw this in a dream once, and never forgot it.  The empty swing in the pouring rain.  Lights on inside the house.  Almost looks like someone moving around inside.  But there is no child on the swing, unless it is a ghost child that we cannot see.

There are many things we cannot see, but we can learn to see some of these hidden visions.  On the other hand, there are many things that we do see, but we don’t know how to recognize or interpret them.  If we want to see hidden images, we must create an atmosphere that is comfortable for us to work in.  I say work, because it isn’t easy to open your mind to the unknown images flashing through the very atmosphere.  We are literally breathing these images into our bodies, but we still do not see.  Unless we practice, and practice is indeed work.

Any kind of work is easier when we are comfortable in an atmosphere that will accommodate the type of work we are doing.  Would you be comfortable sitting on a sunny beach with lots of half-naked noisy people running around while you are writing your annual business outlook report on your laptop?

All right, guys, I heard that.  No, you should be in a quiet office with the necessary files conveniently at hand.  What if you need to bake cookies for the church picnic.  Would you consider going into the back yard and firing up the barbeque?  I hope not.  You don’t want to take lumps of charcoal to the picnic and watch people lose their dentures trying to eat them.

If you want to enhance the psychic abilities you already have, the best way to do that is to meditate.  It can be in your bedroom, where you can adjust music and lighting to your liking.  If you are an outdoor person, I can see you sitting by the ocean listening to the rise and fall of the waves.  Or if you can find one, sit under a shade tree beside a little brook.  I have to laugh at myself for putting that in.  I live in a city where the Los Angeles River is probably the only brook we have.

Personally, I enjoy the sight and sound of rain.  I will often meditate in my bedroom with soft lights and a recording of rain playing.  This kind of atmosphere works well for me, and I enjoy it.  However, everyone is different, and will need to find or create the atmosphere that is best for them.

Have fun with your atmosphere search, and please let me know if you find that babbling brook under the shade tree.  Bye for now.

Sweet Nan

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