Licking the Spoon

Licking the Spoon:  An Un-Christmas Storycandlelight1_thumb.gifWhen I was a child, families gatimagesR2DF0719hered together for Christmas.  There was much laughter and silliness and excited whispering going on, and the hub of all the activity was the big kitchen.  Only the older female children were allowed to join the lighthearted cousins, mothers, aunts, and grannies in the kitchen under the guise of “helping.”

There was the usual meat and vegetables, but what really rang the Christmas menu bells were the pies, cakes, puddings, fudge, ambrosia, divinity, fruit salad, Waldorf salad, and on and on.  The young ladies allowed in the kitchen to help (me and my cousins) were given the privilege of licking the spoon.


Definition of Licking the spoon:  The act of cleaning up any leftover confections left on cooking tools, such as egg beaters, mixer blades, frosting spatulas, bowls, and of course, spoons, by licking the sweet covered utensils like a cat might lick a bowl of cream. We competed for the honor of being allowed to lick the spoon.  I can remember choosing to be a great deal of help to the aunt who was making chocolate cream pie.  That was good licking!

In the aftermath, we all looked forward to the actual Christmas dinner, for we knew how wonderful everything would taste.  But the actual dinner was never as memorable as licking the spoon.

I believe the very concept of Christmas is akin to licking the spoon.  If there is one word to sum it up, it would be “anticipation.”  And have you noticed that the higher expectations we have of anything, the harder it is for the actual item or event to live up to the expectations?  I once waited impatiently for almost a year to read a book being published by one of my favorite authors.  When I finally got my hands on it and sat down to read,  it did not light any fires within me.  It was truly an excellent book, but my expectations had grown to such a high level that nothing could have matched them.  I was much happier when I was reading little tidbits about the book being published and how it was going along, and when a publication date would be announced.  I enjoyed the anticipation (licking the spoon) much more than the end product.


And so it is, with me anyway, another un-Christmas.  The anticipation has been enjoyed for quite a while; the shopping and buying of gifts, the cards and newsletters from friends and family, all the pretty lights and decorations, even the non-stop Christmas music heard everywhere you turn.

I tried to write a little Christmas piece for my weblog. I don’t like the term “blog,” it sounds too much like “blob” (which a lot of them are.)  No, your honor, I did not say that.  Anyway, I came up with a couple of ideas for Christmas weblog pieces which would introduce a bit or paranormal activity and a bit of humor.  After writing them, though, I realized they sounded false and flat.  They were just like production line plastic.  And I knew it was because I have no Christmas in me.  I don’t mind this.and I am not unhappy or sad because of it.  After all, I got to lick the spoon.


I wish you a happy Christmas, no matter whether you still have Christmas in your heart, or if you got to lick the spoon.  Bye for now from Sweet Nan.

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