Amy’s Happiest Day


It was raining, and Amy burst into the kitchen, slipping on the tile floor and scattering her books on the kitchen table.  “Mom!  Mom!  Guess what happened!  Steve Stanford walked me home and carried my books!  Steve says he wants to see me again!  He’s the best football player  in school, and he’s a SENIOR!”  She whirled around, spraying raindrops all over the kitchen.

Grace gave her teenaged daughter a sour look.  “What’s Mr. Big Shot want with you?  Clean up your mess there and start peeling the potatoes”.  Grace was actually more worried than angry.  She knew Amy was just an average kid, neither attractive or unattractive, had a bland personality, had a few friends, but was far from being in any “in group.”  Only one thing this guy could want from her daughter.  Amy would get hurt one way or another.

“He’s just gorgeous!”  Amy later gushed on the phone to her best friend, Juanita.  “He’s tall and handsome and smart, and…Juannie, he’s a real gentleman!  He held my hand and carried my books, and when we got to my house, he looked kind of sad.  I asked what was wrong, and he said he didn’t want to leave me.  Then he hugged me and, so cute, kissed me on the nose and then on my mouth, so softly.  Then he laughed and walked away, turning around every few steps to wave to me and blow kisses!  It was the best thing that ever happened to me in my whole life!  Well, what do you think about it?  You haven’t said a word.”

“How could I”  You never stopped for breath even.  Are  you sure that was Steve Stanford, and not his cousin, Rob Anderson?  It seems like I’ve heard something, but I’m not sure what it was.”

girl walking home

“Oh, Juanns, I think you’re actually jealous.  And if you’re not, just wait till he takes me to the Prom!



Amy lay in bed awake for a very long time.  Sleepy, happy musings…all about Steve.  And how Steve had chosen her.  The news would be all over school tomorrow.  And everyone would crowd around her and want to be her friend.

It had happened before in this small, quiet town.  As a matter of fact, it had happened once a year for ten years.  The campus hero, best guy, most liked, would choose a freshman girl, approach her, and carry her books home.  Each year a young teen was handed a great big bubble of happiness, something wonderful to think about beyond her wildest dreams.

Sometimes it happened right away; other times, it would take two or three days.  In Amy’s case, it happened the very next morning before she was even able to get to school.  Hit by a car and fatally injured, there was no crowd of girls gathering around Amy to hear all about her new romance with the most wonderful Steve.  Instead, there were somber moods and grief counselors.  Juanita sat on the school steps and thought about her friend Amy.

She had laughed off Amy’s story, but something about it stirred a memory;  the old legend, the story like the man with the hook coming out of the fog, the ghost on the highway, and, now… The handsome football hero who showed up once a year to give a young girl the happiest hours of her life before she died.

I won’t reveal the name of the small town or the high school where these incidents occur.  The school officials even built a brand new high school in a new location, citing the age of the building.  But, as Amy knows, Steve found it.

This legend was revealed to me through meditation and automatic writing.  I hope you enjoyed it.

Bye for now from Sweet Nan




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