Premonitions: You have them every day!


Everybody has premonitions, but most people just don’t notice them or don’t realize what they are. Premonitions are little flashes of future events. They can take many different forms and may occur one or two times a day for some, and ten times or more for the more sensitive.

If you think you don’t have premonitions, it is only that you don’t know how to recognize them. These prophetic thoughts differ from your regular stream of thoughts in very subtle ways, and with a little practice, you can learn how to tell them apart.

Don’t be afraid of your premonitions – Learn to use them as a valuable tool

Premonitions Are Not Evil

Premonitions Are Not Evil

There are lots of different kinds of premonitions. Many people believe a premonition is a forewarning of something bad that will happen.  Many people believe that premonitions are evil, or connected with Satan in some way; superstitions abound.  None of this is not true at all. Premonitions are a normal human function, and can also tell you of happy things to come, such as a wedding or the birth of a baby. They can convey useful warnings, such as a problem with your car’s tires, an illness, or perhaps a slip and fall accident.  These kind of flashes may suggest to you a need to check the tires, get more rest, or be more careful when walking.

These psychic flashes can tell you if someone is thinking about you. My brother and I have this kind of connection. We often try to text one another at the same time so that our messages cross.

Some people see disaster or death premonitionsgiphy






On the other side of the tarot card, there are many documented cases of death premonitions. A number of people have decided not to board a plane at the last minute because they had a “funny feeling.” Only after the plane crashed, and many people died, did they realize they had a premonition. The same holds true for people who have purposely put road blocks in the way of catching the plane on time. They will deny missing their flight on purpose, but they thought they had time to stop by the post office before going to the airport. A very subtle premonition, indeed.

Lucid Dream Premonitions

When I was a small child, my great grandmother came and sat by my bedside one night. She told me how much she loved me, and we talked about the trip she was going to make. When I realized she was no longer there, I went into the kitchen where my mother was, and asked her if Nana was still here somewhere. My mother was angry at me for being out of bed when I was supposed to be asleep, and she sent me back to my room.

I heard the phone ring a little while later, and heard people talking softly in the kitchen. The family had just been told of my great grandmother’s passing.

Premonitions can come to you in many different forms; dreams, visions, even smells. A lady I know had a strong sense of something burning. She looked all over the house, but found nothing. Later that evening, the house next door to her burned down.


quiet mind quote

You can teach yourself how to tell premonitions from ordinary thoughts or imagination. If you will practice awareness of what you are doing in the moment and why you are doing it, clarification will come to you. Say you love tuna, but you don’t want to eat the wonderful looking tuna sandwich you just prepared. Ask yourself why. There is a reason there somewhere.

Meditation is helpful, too. It doesn’t need to be a formal meditation period; just find a few quiet moments for yourself when you can, and relax your mind.

You can’t force premonitions to come, but you can prepare the guest room in your mind in case they do.

Bye for now from Sweet Nan


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