Pushing Yourself Too Hard

Psychic Flashes Odds and Endsrocking-chair

If you are on any social media platform (I choose Twitter so I can be silly), you are constantly bombarded with suggestions on how to be more successful; how to do everything better, “Be yourself,” and above all, DON’T FAIL!

It seems that everything we do must be perfect. We are being driven to perfection! It has gotten to the point that when we sense we about to fail at something, we must immediately: (1) read a lot of inspirational quotes; (2) buy some kind of product or service that will guarantee our success, or (3) If you have been a creature that has been low enough to fail at something, you must get up at once and try again! And again! And apparently ad infinitum!

I can understand why a person might be driven to earn a good living and support his family, but even that is not satisfactory to some. If he is a janitor, he must strive to be a maintenance supervisor. If he is a paperback romance writer, he must try to climb to the rank of best selling author. If he is a musician, he must be either the best or the worst, depending on the fan base he is trying to reach.

I fail all the time, and I have learned to enjoy it. Sometimes I am pretty sure I will fail even before I start a project, but I go right ahead and do it anyway if I want to.

wtf doing cat

I wanted a little ceramic cat for my patio, but after searching all the thrift stores, I decided to make one. I purchased some childrens’ clay from the 99 Cent Store, and proceeded to model a little cat, but more resembling the Pillsbury Doughboy. Undetered, I gave it some rhinestones for eyes, and a little piece of shiny chain for a collar. I arranged its little tail in a curled position, and sat back to admire it. That’s when its head fell off and wouldn’t go back on.

Do I regret this little failure? Absoulutely not. I had spent a couple of hours relaxing my mind, using my hands, making kind of a mess, and having a little fun.Dancer

I like to do all kinds of things, build shelves, paint, draw, make curtains, write stuff. I’m really not very good at any of them, as evidenced by the flame red frog hopping around the yard. (He got within range when I was painting flower pots.)toilet flower


There’s nothing wrong with success, but we shouldn’t be so afraid of failure. We need to relax a little and do what we like to do, even if we are not very good at it. Just because my little pottery cat was a failure, it does not mean I am a failure in life.

I hope we can all relax a little and stop driving ourselves so hard. I guess that’s my inspirational quote today for my Twitter followers.

Tip Number 3 on how to enhance your psychic abilities will be coming up shortly.  Stay tuned!

Bye for now from Sweet Nan yellow_bird





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