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Welcome to my web page!


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From Sweet Nan




Hello from Sweet Nan!

Thank you for reading the Psychic Flashes Web Log, which consists of paranormal subjects, general opinions. likes, gripes – all flavored with a dash of humor, served up in no discernable format, and delivered by the author depending on her mood that day. 

In the strange land of Psychic Flashes, you will encounter scary stories like “Are You Pulling My Leg, My Dear,”  psychic American Indian tribes, as in “The Naming Ceremony,” which was very popular,  and various tips on how to develop and enhance your own psychic abilities. 

Octopus gif

Are You Pulling My Leg, My Dear?


Indian Maiden

The Naming Ceremony


You will see lots of photos and gifs, because I like them, and lots of atmospheric weather scenes. 


Scary Stuff!



Some may be a little naughty, like this:



Silly and Irrevelant

I am not computer literate at all, and I can’t see worth a shit, so there will be mistakes.  Sometimes I lose my head!

dollsheadHow to write good


Every writer is starving for feedback, I don’t care how important he is or how big a stick he has up his…Oops, lost focus there.

If you would leave a comment, it would greatly appreciated.  You will never be asked for a password or any other information you do not wish to give.  You can reach me on the attached comment page, or by email at:  Searchlight3@verizon.net.  I am on Twitter at CarnationsReturn@SweetNan1

I believe we are all psychics to some extent.  I know these abilities run in my family, and we have had some rather strange happenings (or knowings, as I like to call them.  So if you like scary stories, strange people, and odds and ends of information, this might be the place for you.




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CarnationsReturn@SweetNan1 on Twitter

or the nest that damn cuckoo keeps flying over


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