The Reincarnation of America

Louisiana’s 100 year floor didn’t have to happen! See the Solution before it happens where you live.


Road under waterBefore

monsoon 1

We can do it, you know.  We can have our America back bigger and better.   Here’s how it will be under the simple, but grand Reincarnation of America.


We will have abundant renewable energy, so most of us will end up with autos that will run on our choice of fuels.  The cost of heating oil to heat homes and cooling systems to cool will no longer be expensive.  We can be comfortable all year round at a small cost.  Grocery and food items will be more plentiful, inexpensive and healthy.  We will import less food from other countries and use more of our own safe, clean food.

Everyone who wants a job will have a job.  Everyone who wants a nice home or apartment will be able to afford a nice place to live.  Travel in America will be the best experience in the world, and we can all…

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