Just Layin’ on the Blacktop Watchin’ All the Stars Roll By

There was nothing graceful about it, my fall. Just missed my step and there I was lying on the oily dirt of the parking lot with fire shooting up and down the entire left side of my body. The back of my head meeting the pavement was nothing compared to the flashing, pulsating fangs of pain devouring my flesh.

And I had known it, or something like it, was coming. It began with a peculiar tingle in my spine when I saw the Free Birthday Meal invitation from Denny’s in my Email. They are kind enough to send me one every year, and I was pleased.

Now, I’m no snob. I like Denny’s. I like their food, the variety of their menu, and the casual atmosphere. When we go to Denny’s, I usually throw on a tee shirt and jeans, sandals and a couple of toe rings. Good enough.

We used the coupon shortly after Thanksgiving, being tired of rich ham, turkey and other holiday treats. I was looking forward to a hamburger and fries for lunch.

But I did not grab jeans and shirt and go. I found things I needed to do. I took an extra long bath. I shaved my legs. I conditioned my hair. Trimmed my toenails. Gave myself a facial. Tried on two or three outfits and six pairs of shoes. My significant other was definitely looking at me funny. At last we left the house and ended up at Denny’s at dinnertime. Dark and cold by then, and I was chilled and a little nauseous. Most of my dinner was placed in a take-out carton, and I only wanted to go home and be warm and safe.

It was only one steep step down into the parking lot.

People rushed to help; they were all so concerned. A few offered to help me up, but I knew I could not and should not try to stand. They gathered around, having called 911, and looked frustrated that nothing could be done. Someone was kind enough to bring me a blanket. I was shaking so hard from the cold and the pain, I clutched the blanket like a lifeline, and in a daze, heard the fire truck and ambulance coming closer.

Sincere thanks to all my followers who have patiently waited, not crossing me off their lists. I am okay now, but changed in ways that never would have occurred to me.

This is my first blog post since the accident, and I feel as though I should keep it short. I have much to report about the aftermath and the things stolen from me by the thief called pain, and the things given to me by the most important people in my life.

Back soon. Bye for now from Sweet Nan.

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