Do You Have a Spirit Animal?

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Oh, George, your spirit animal must be a mule.  I’ve never seen anybody so stubborn!”

horse on field   Hee Haw.  I’m George.

Yes, the idea of a spirit animal is just a joke to most folks.  However, the belief goes back a long way, and some people are convinced they do have a spirit animal, and some of them know what their animal is.

Well, whether or not you believe in spirit animals, let’s take a quick look at some of your habits, dreams, likes and dislikes.  You might have a spirit animal and not know it.

But first, a little background:


It is thought that the belief in spirit animals goes all the way back to the Vikings, with their headgear with horns to indicate courage and the ships they sailed with long, curved bows like the head and neck of a fearsome animal.  This viewpoint is disputed among experts.



A more popular and proven origin of the spirit animal lies with the North American Indigenous Indians.  Tribal traditions vary, but if a young man came into some contact with an animal, it was thought to be his spirit animal from than on.   For instance, if he crossed paths with a mountain lion, and the animal just looked at him and did not attack and kill him, this was his spirit animal.


Also, if a young warrior was out with members of his tribe, and an eagle seemed to appear wherever he went, the eagle had made it known that as his spirit guide, he would share hunting and fishing skills, keen eyesight, grace and beauty, and live his life on a higher plane.  Lucky lad.  He gained more respect from his tribal family than his friend, who had an unfortunate encounter with a skunk.

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Sometimes a tribal chief would designate a sprit animal for a young person based on dreams or other significant indications.  A youth who liked to eat and sleep might be given a bear as his spirit animal; whereas a youth who liked to run and play might have a buck,


Females of the tribe were not usually considered for a spirit animal.  Their role in life was to work and bear children.  There were some exceptions, however.  If you have an interest, you may enjoy reading a post I wrote a couple of years ago entitled “The Naming Ceremony.”7[1]

Now, what about you?  Do you feel a particular kinship with a certain animal?  Are you a dog lover or a cat lover?  Or do you lean more to the exotic side, and have (or would like to have) a snake or a beautiful parrot born in a foreign land.  What you like and don’t like are important clues to what your spirit animal might be.


If we lived in a remote place where wild animals are near, it would be much easier to determine what spirit animal we have.  Imagine standing on a rocky cliff overlooking the ocean and waiting for the porpoise or whale to rise out of the water to greet you.  Do you watch the nature shows on TV hoping to see that whale or porpoise?  If you feel a strong attraction, that would be a determining factor.



Look for signs.  You might be taking a Uber to the airport or a bus to work.  While stuck in traffic, you see a billboard advertising a movie or a tourist spot.  There is your porpoise or your whale, bigger than life.   And that same night, you dream about whales. I think that means you have identified your spirit animal.


Since most of us live in a city, we only see the usual animals – cats and dogs, pigeons, rats and insects.  There is the occasional squirrel or rabbit to be seen in a park or wooded area.  So you must think about the animal that fascinates you and then look for signs.


I don’t know what my spirit animal is, but I know what it is not:  a dog.  A dog bit me when I was a small child (more fear than hurt.)  I remember walking to school as a small child and all the way up to a teenager:  dogs would follow me, nip at my heels and bark at me.  They still don’t like me.  My boss bought his dog into the office one Saturday when we were working overtime, and the dog ran at me, barking furiously.  I could only sit there at my desk, trapped.  The dog kept the same behavior up until it was finally taken outside.


I often wonder if I have a spirit animal that dogs can sense and are afraid of.  I wonder what animal dogs fear the most – a bigger dog?  A wild cat?  Some type of bird or reptile? But I cannot imagine any of those creatures being my spirit animal.  I do like cats, but not crazy-like.  Allergies preclude any pets in the house anyway.

I can think of only one other possibility:  Maybe I was a Dog Catcher in  previous life!

So, follow all the psychic signs.  The universe is trying to tell you what your spirit animal is, and much, much more.

Bye for now from Sweet Nan

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2 thoughts on “Do You Have a Spirit Animal?

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    • Thank you for your comment on “Do you have a Spirit Animal?” “Patronus Anyone?” sent me searching for a meaning. I found the references to a Patronus Quiz and a Patronus Charm in connection with J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter material. Apparently I shared a basic topic, but I could not find a copy of the actual Patronus Quiz, so I can only hope I did not have any of the same content. I had never heard of it before, and I thank you for bringing it to my attention. The lore surrounding spirit animals is interesting to many people, myself included.

      I hope you will enjoy the post I am currently working on, which is coming up shortly. It is kind of a lighthearted look at some common superstitions. Watch for “I’m Not Superstitious!? next on Psychic Flashes.


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