It’s Not a Bird; It’s Not a Plane; It’s an Omen!

face-in-crystal-2-1Are you listening? People talk about seeing the future, but as a matter of fact, we all do. We just don’t pay any attention to the many omens coming over the universal pipeline.

My friend Maria had a bad feeling about her hair appointment. She knew her regular hairdresser was on vacation, and she kept getting pictures in her mind of a mangled mess of her hair. But she told herself to stop being silly and go get her hair cut.

Half an hour later, Maria was lying in a hospital bed with a big white bandage over her partially shaved head. There had been an accident in the parking lot of the beauty salon,

I am not suggesting that we consider every event, sight, sound or thought an omen. We would be in a poor state of chaos and confusion if we did that. But we can train ourselves to become observant and thoughtful so we can pick out trends and strong possibilities from the everyday chaff blowing in the wind.

There is no need to consider recognizing omens as psychic mumbo-jumbo. We buy insurance to protect our cars and homes, take medical tests to protect our health, and do our best to educate ourselves in order to lead safer and more enjoyable lives. Why would it be unreasonable to train our minds and brains as well, so that we can prepare ourselves for events that may be coming our way in the future?

There are thousands of bits of information coming at us all the time. We must learn to filter it so we will know what is important and what is not, and then analyze the small parts we have separated out to see how they fit together, much like putting together a jigsaw puzzle.imagesMVSRTD43

I used to do a crossword puzzle every morning while I had coffee and planned my day. At first, it was just entertainment. Little by little, I realized that certain words or phrases would jump off the page at me. I started a little notebook, noting down dates and words that attracted my attention, and I began to see patterns and hints that applied directly to my day, week, or month ahead.

Over a long time period, I had learned how to focus while doing my puzzle. As time went on, it got easier, and I was never without clues that turned into omens.

I could have done the same thing with a deck of cards, an ordinary book, tea leaves or coffee grounds, or any number of other ways to focus and meditate, because that’s really all it is.

If you are headed vaguely towards the dairy farm to get fresh eggs and milk, you might wander through pastures and go round in circles. But if you know where that dairy farm is, and pay attention to the road signs, you will arrive before all the eggs and milk are sold to people who are (1) aware and (2) prepared.

If you want to be a step ahead of the crowd and get a look and feel for what’s coming down the pike, there are lots of simple ways to learn how to do it.

My cousin Julie was going to look at used cars again one day. She came into the kitchen, and said, “Okay Swami. Will I find a car that I can afford today?”

Without hesitation, I told her that she would find a shiny black car with red markings on it, and it would have the name of a bird associated with it. I also told her she would be leaving the car lot because the price was too high, but the salesman would call her back and lower the price.  My puzzle notes had provided all of these key words.

Two last things had appeared in my puzzle that morning, “junk” and “beware.” So I told Julie I hoped she would decide not to buy the flashy but unreliable car. Two days later, she had to call a two truck to get home, but she was young and loved the looks of the Firebird and the attention she got while driving it.

If you want to learn to recognize and use your omens, my advice is to “Open up Your Psychic Inbox” and let them come flowing in.

Bye for now from Sweet Nan.




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