I Really Want to See You!

It’s about time I checked in again. As you know, I have a somewhat rare eye condition that, well, it keeps me from seeing.

It started about 10 years ago. I noticed my peripheral vision was not as it should be. I have always had poor eyesight, in fact, was legally blind without my glasses. It got worse and worse, though, until it was completely gone.

I didn’t realize it until i was driving on the freeway with my daughter a passenger. She seemed to be very agitated, and was making gurgling noises. Then s

e reached over and grabbed the wheel. “Don’t you see the trucks, Mom?” she gasped. “We’re in the space between two big trucks!”

Thanks to my daughter and the skillful driving of the truckers, we were able to get off the freeway without killing ourselves or others.

My field of vision continued to shrink. I lost the ability to look to either side without moving my head. Then I was unable to look up or down. I could only see straight ahead.

Have you ever heard of Ptosis? It’s a fairly common condition, especially in the elderly. It is just simply drooping eyelids. Some people have Ptosis surgery for cosmetic reasons. Others must have their eyelids surgically adjusted or their vision is blocked.

In my case, I already had a small tunnel left to see through. Then, the ptosis took more than half away.

So, since April of last year, I have had to put tape on my eyes to hold them open. This method of helping myself to see is less than perfect. I walked right smack into a wall earlier today. I am still afflicted with vanity; tape all over my face does nothing to enhance my beautious countenance!

So after a year of requesting, begging and pleading, my insurance company has finally authorized my eye surgery.

Tomorrow I have a pre-op appointment with the surgeon, and if all goes well, I will have the eye surgery on March 5th.

Okay, I am a little afraid and apprehensive. I don’t like the doctor; I can’t understand a word he says, plus he has bad breath. Maybe I won’t need anaesthesia- He can just breathe on me.

Well, now I’m getting silly like I tend to do when I’m tired.

I hope I can get back to my blog soon. Meantime, I’ll see you on Twitter.

I’d like to thank everyone for their patience, and especially WordPress for helping me so much.

Bye for now. Stay spooky!

Sweet Nan

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