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Thank you for reading the Psychic Flashes Web Log, which consists of paranormal subjects, general opinions, likes, gripes, scary stories, and articles to help you learn how to enhance your own psychic abilities.  This is all flavored with a dash of humor, served up in no discernable format, and delivered by the author depending on her mood that day.

In the strange land of Psychic Flashes, you will encounter truly scary stories like “Are You Pulling My Leg, My Dear?”  Or a comical but true recounting such as “The Mystical Mailman Cometh,” and stories from my personal experience like “Confessions of a Telephone Psychic.” 

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Are You Pulling My Leg, My Dear?

gypsy with ball

Confessions of a Telephone Psychic

I have also included pertinent information from my spiritual advisor, Brother Jim, who is a prophet. as well as a very kind and wise man, and from my spirit guide, David.

David gives me a lot of information, but much like my cat, Chattkatt, he is independent, moody, inconsistent, and does as he pleases.  He did provide me with one of my most popular stories, “The Naming Ceremony,”  since he is personally acquainted with some of the tribal members .

The Naming CeremonyIndian Maiden

 Every writer  is starving for feedback, I don’t care how important he is or how big a stick he has up his…Oops, lost focus there.  If you would leave a comment or share your own psychic experience with me, it would be greatly appreciated, and your privacy will be respected.

I apologize in advance for the mistakes I make.  I am completely incompetent when it comes to computers and technical stuff, and in addition, I have that eye disease, CSS (Can’t See Sh**). It’s all very frustrating, and sometimes I lose my head!dollshead

I believe we are all psychics to some extent.  I know these abilities run deep in my family.  We have always had strange happenings and things I like to call “knowings.”  If you like the twisty turns of life and the not quite normal things that happen, and if you would like to learn how to participate in the mystical world around you, then open up your psychic inbox and join me at Psychic Flashes.com.  Bye for now from Sweet Nan.

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