After the Fall: Medical Monkeyshines


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In my last post, I described how much fun it was to fall down and lie helplessly on an asphalt parking lot, freezing and enduring the searing pain striking my body over and over like the fangs of an angry cobra.  And I described the strange foreboding that caused me to find things I had to do before I could leave the house.

There is no point in describing the pain in any further detail;  
everyone knows about pain.  But I did want to comment on a few things I 
found out during my medical adventure, good, bad. and just odd.

The Ambulance and Paramedics:  Have you ever been taken to a hospital in
an ambulance before?  This was my first experience.  The accident 
occurred very near to the hospital,  so the ambulance was there in just 
minutes.  There were two paramedics, a male and a female, both young, 
and both very pleasant.  They made sure I was conscious and breathing, 
and asked me questions;  What is your name, did you lose consciousness at 
any time, where is the pain, does this hurt (YES), do you think you can 
stand up (NO).  They were very careful picking me up and putting me onto 
the gurney, and then slid me into the ambulance like eggs into a pan.

The female paramedic drove the ambulance, and the male stayed in back 
with me.  He kept checking my blood pressure, pulse and oxygen levels 
and asked more questions to determine where the pain was coming from, 
legs, hip – I wasn’t much help because the pain engulfed my whole 
midsection; I didn’t know where it started or ended.  He gave me an 
injection of painkiller.  If he told me what it was, I don’t remember.  
I was kind of in a daze and noticed I could see everything very clearly 
through the back window of the ambulance.  I could tell where we were, 
and could see all the traffic behind us, especially the car immediately 
following.  If you are ever in a car following an ambulance, know that 
the people inside can see every move you make.  It’s just like looking at 
a lighted screen, so don’t pick your nose or scratch your privates.   
Just a friendly little paranormal tip.

 Rain 4

Amid chaos, find serenity in your mind

The Emergency Room was chaos.  People everywhere, walking, wheeling carts 
around, lying on a gurney like me, lost-looking relatives standing 
around, technicians scurrying here and there with equipment, people on 
computers, some policemen striding purposefully in and out of rooms, 
medical staff flirting and joking with one another. There were no rooms 
(a room being a curtained-off cubicle lining each side of the ER).  My 
paramedics stayed with me as I lay on the gurney waiting for a room.  
Other occupied gurneys jockeyed for position as more and more came in.

The paramedics played a game of moving back and forth to allow passage of 
people and equipment.  It made me think of Victorian dance movements, up 
and back, step forward, bow and turn, step back.  The pain injection was 
obviously working.
We were there in the long hallway for hours.  I did ask my male paramedic
why they were still there, and he explained that when someone was 
transported by the paramedics, they had to stay with the patient until 
the patient was admitted or examined and released, or otherwise signed 
off from the care of the paramedics.I was astonished to hear this.  No 
wonder ambulance bills are outrageously high.  What a waste of time!  I 
looked around the hallway to see at least five or six other gurneys, each
with two attendants standing by.  How many man-hours are wasted?  

What’s wrong with these people that they can’t figure out a more 
efficient system? Everybody who complains about the high cost of medical 
care, please take a good look at this!  I have vented.  Thank you, I feel
I think it was five or six hours that I waited to be assigned to a room.  
The nurses made me comfortable and gave me more pain medication.  A 
person from Admitting came and gave me a stack of papers to sign. 
Somewhat dazed and very tired, I signed everything.  I was later taken
to X-Ray.  It seemed dark and cold there, and I wanted to go back to my 
warm bed.  At last, the doctor came with X-Ray films in hand.  He told 
me I had a broken pelvis.  I asked him if it was just sort of a hairline
break, and he said, “Sorry, no.  It’s a full pelvic fracture.  Wish I 
had better news.”

Back in my room, I rested and waited for the doctor.  He had looked at 
the films and told me that with the type of fracture I had, there was 
nothing the hospital could do to treat it.  Braces or surgery were not 
indicated, it would just take time to heal.  The doctor said he would 
send me to a rehab facility for “a day or two” to help me with walking 
and getting back on my feet.  I asked to go home and look into the rehab
situation later.  He informed me that I had already signed up for the 

Comment (or complaint) Number 2 about medical care:  It does not seem 
right to have a patient sign a lot of consent forms when they are 
injured, dazed, tired and under the influence of pain medication.  
There must be a better way!

Oh, by the way:  I found out that If you are transported by ambulance 
from one facility to another on a non-emergency basis, your insurance 
most likely will not cover any part of your ambulance bill.  It’s all 
yours, and you signed admission papers agreeing to it.

The worst part of all:  The Rehab Facility.  Essentially not having been
given a choice, I was transported again by ambulance to a rehab facility.  
I will not name it, but I guess I could call it Hell.  I was sent there 
for therapy to help me walk and get back on my feet, but instead, I was 
confined to a bed and not allowed to even go to the bathroom unless I was 
accompanied by a nurse.  It was shortly after Thanksgiving, and the 
rehab therapists were few and far between.  I languished in bed, 
receiving no physical therapy.  

When I wanted to go home, the administrator threatened me.  He said, “I 
decide when you go home, not you.  And if you give me any trouble about 
being released now or in the future, I will make sure your insurance 
denies payment for your entire stay here.”  I cannot comment further on 
the nightmare treatment at the rehab center.

Don’t get me wrong; I am very grateful to have the medical care provided
to citizens of the United States.  I appreciate my doctors and the 
excellent care they provide.  But I ran across the bad apple. It happens.

Rain trees wind gif

Visions and Sounds of rain are the best meditation devices for me.  Yours may be quite different; a beach or music, perhaps.

I had to spend a lot of time in bed, so I used some of the time for meditation.  I think it saved my sanity.  Also, I began to get small flashes from people I did not know who needed advice or help.  I have put a few of my replies on Twitter. I do want to clarify that I am not a psychic or a medium.  I do have well-developed intuitive senses which I have come by naturally and have cultivated over a long period of time.  So if you need advice or guidance on some matter, I might be able to help. 

You could contact me on or: CarnationsReturn@SweetNan1.  Any service or advice I may be able to provide would be entirely free.  My blog is not for business purposes, nor is my Twitter account.  They are just for fun and to provide an outlet for my need to write.   Thank you for joining me on my blog and on Twitter.  I appreciate your interest, and hope you will return.  In my next post, we will be back with matters of the paranormal 

Bye for now from Sweet Nan


Casual Clairvoyance: The Art of People Watching

Do you watch people?

Do you watch people?

Happy to see you!

Welcome from Sweet Nan!



One day I saw a pregnant woman getting out of a car.  She looked happy and pleasant, if a little uncomfortable and awkward.  As I watched, almost feeling her discomfort, a pale blue light appeared around her, and an adorable baby face peered out at me.  “Hello, beautiful boy,” I thought at him.  He gave me an angelic smile before fading out of view.

This was a good bit more than I had bargained for from simple people watching, and I felt kind of stunned as the pregnant lady continued on her way, apparently unaware of anything unusual.

You just never know what you might see when you catch sight of someone (or something) out of the corner of your eye.



Hey, admit it!  You know you like to watch other people.  “Oh, is that orange thing a wig?”  Or, “What on earth is that woman wearing?”  Or, “OMG, she’s falling out of her top and her pants are so tight she might as well be naked!”

All my life, I have loved to watch people.  I love to see what they are doing, what they are wearing, who they are with, how they treat other people. and discover rich insights into what makes them tick.

In the not-too-distant past, people watching was a favorite pastime for many people.  If was interesting and free, and could be done almost anywhere; a mall, a park, or at an airport.   Waiting in a parked car provides a good spot for a little innocent spying on people passing by.



But times have changed, and not for the better.  We’re not in Small Town America anymore.   Everything seemed to go faster.  Little towns became cities full of criminals and thugs.  Crime rose with overpopulation.  More people became suspicious and dangerous.  Street gangs fought and marked what they perceived to belong to them with vulgar markings on public or private buildings.  Sexual predators abounded.

If someone doesn’t like the way you are looking at him, or doesn’t like the fact that you are looking at him at all, he might take out his gun and shoot you.  People watching was no longer a viable form of entertainment.

I am stubborn, and didn’t want to give up people watching.  It was one of my favorite sources of entertainment.  So, I began to watch surreptitiously.  I learned to appear to focus on some object near a person I wanted to watch, but taught myself to actually watch my target out of the corner of my eye.  Most people didn’t notice; I seemed to be looking at a tree or at cars going by.  If my target did seem a little squirmy, I stopped immediately and moved on.  Some people can feel when they are being watched.  Don’t forget that; it’s important!

Watch and Be Watched

Watch and Be Watched



In my new form of people watching, I began to notice tiny flashes of light, sometimes transparent colors, and a sense of something moving as I practiced my little hobby.  I put it down to my imagination or my poor eyesight, and continued my harmless venture.

But the day I saw the pregnant lady and her unborn child made me realize I had found more than I had bargained for  It appeared I had opened a gate that I could not close. I continued to see more about people than I wanted to, even though I did not try.

I saw a toddler with golden curls and a pink dress playing happily, but angels hovered all around her with sad faces, and I knew the child was going to die.

An elderly lady leaned on a walker as she waited for the elevator.  Her aura was beautiful, gray with streaks of pink and gold.  A peaceful feeling emanated from her.  She knew she would die soon, and had come to terms with it, even looking forward to death.  She was sure she would be with her Heavenly Father.

I  was not at ease with this state of affairs, but I could not seem to turn the faucet off.  Against my will, I would occasionally see something, usually not anything terrible, but I felt uncomfortable now when I saw sadness, anger, fear, or even happiness

I was sitting in a crowded medical office one day, occasionally glancing around at various people.  As my glance passed by a rather mild looking middle aged man, a bright orange halo appeared all around him.  I’m sure I gaped in surprise, and then he glared straight at me.  I felt horrible, hateful, murderous thoughts being aimed at me.  This man wanted to kill someone!  And he fully intended to do it!

I admit to being frightened, and could not think of the right thing to do.  You can’t call the police and tell them a man is going to kill someone based on reading his thoughts and his aura.  Then I realized I had become a target; he realized I knew something was going on with him.  I felt it was dangerous to leave; he might follow me.  So I put on my glasses and became extremely interested in the book I was reading, too engrossed to look up.  In actuality, I did not absorb a single word.

Finally, I was called inside for my appointment, and when I came back out, the man was gone.




Sometimes a person will feel he is being watched, and look directly at me.  When this happens, it is wiser just to move on.

So, if you wish to practice casual clairvoyance, just follow my directions, and learn to watch people surreptitiously out of the corner of your eye.  If you practice for a while, you will begin to see colors and auras.  You might want to stop right at that point.

I have not been able to stop the process entirely, although I can control it better now by practicing mind control.  But be careful what you wish for;  you might very well get it!

I would like for you to take everything you read with a grain of salt, including what I tell you.  I would like to help you have a little psychic fun, but don’t give the paranormal world more attention than it deserves.  Pretend it’s a new girlfriend or boyfriend, and keep it firmly in its place!

Bye and thank you from Sweet Nan.

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See the Future – Tip 3

Question:  Are you psychic?


Answer:  Yes, of course you are! 

I believe we all have psychic abilities to some extent, and our abilities can be explored, practiced, and enhanced.  Since we know that you have psychic abilities, why not learn about them, learn how to use them to your own advantage, and have a little fun at the same time?

In Tips 1 and 2, we learned how to focus and develop your psychic abilities.  Today, in Tip 3, we will test all of our senses and find out which ones are the strongest receivers.


We can’t see all the information and messages that are swirling around in the very air we breathe unless we open one or more of our “receivers” to allow us to recognize and interpret them.

And we have many receivers, among them our five senses; sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell.  Although there are other ways to “tune in,” such as dreams, meditation and other methods, we will focus on our five senses to find out which ones are the strongest receivers.



Wash ears (2)

It’s just as easy as falling off a log!  Oh, and you might want to keep a little notebook handy in case you want to log some of your experiences.






There is no need to change your daily routine for this exercise, unless you would just enjoy getting about and around more to enjoy it.  It’s all a matter of being in the moment and concentrating on one of your senses.

Let’s take sight first.  Do you really pay attention to what you are seeing?  As we go about our daily routine, maybe to work at the office and home after work, everything becomes so familiar that it all sort of blends together.  Have you ever driven right past your office or your home because you were thinking about something else?   I have done that one more than one occasion, and felt embarrassed and kind of amused about it.

But what did I miss seeing?  Lots of things; people walking on the street, an odd looking car, a beautiful tree…There could have been a robbery in progress along the way, and I would not have noticed.  When you really open up your sense of sight, you will see so many things you weren’t aware of before.  As you practice, you will open up your second sight, as well.  With time and practice, you may come to realize the car on the road beside you is a red flag for danger.  There may be criminals or maybe a gun in that car, and you will be able to change your path to get away from possible danger.

As you become more aware, you will know if or when a child or a dog is going to run out into the street, and act accordingly.  I call this having a “knowing.”

You can see how this awareness development works with sight, but you may be wondering how it works with the other senses.  Say you concentrated orn sight on Monday, and have chosen to work on hearing on Tuesday.

When you open your sense of hearing, you will become aware of pleasant sounds you did not notice before; birds chirping, rain falling, the hum of distant conversations.  It’s particularly interesting to listen to people.  You will become able to detect tones of anger coming from a smiling face, or sense hidden amusement or a disguised threatening sound.  You don’t even have to see the face.  The person behind you in a line at the bank will disclose information the moment they speak, or even with a cough or clearing of the throat.  If they are tired, angry, nervous, worried, or impatient, you will know.

Your sense of touch can be very instrumental in your psychic development.  You have most likely heard of psychics who helped the police in missing persons or murder cases by touching and holding a personal item, such as a watch.  I have my doubts about most of these claims, but I do know that some sensitives can do it.  On a smaller scale, it is certainly possible to perceive by touch.

Yesterday, I picked up a deck of tarot cards a friend had given me.  The minute I began to shuffle the deck the phone rang, and it was my friend calling from Florida just to say hello.  Practice by picking up, touching and holding small objects, and see what thoughts come into your mind.

I had a friend whose sense of smell was her primary psychic sense.  She could smell the smoke from a plane crash in another country.  If she walked by someone’s house and smelled gas or fumes or smoke, she knew there would be a fire or explosion.  This “talent” drove her crazy around New Years or July 4th.  She could detect the smell of gunfire, even though she did not see it.  Unfortunately, she died in a fiery car crash ten years ago.  She knew she would die in a fire.

And last, and probably least, is the sense of taste.  As far as psychic senses go, it’s kind of the runt of the litter.  It mainly works like Deja Vu by bringing thoughts of what happened in the past or what might happen in the future.

Our sense of taste is so strongly geared to tell us that the chocolate sundae tastes good or there is too much vinegar in the salad dressing, that it is difficult for it to do more.  But when you taste something that brings a vague recognition to you, its most likely attached to some event that happened in the past or will happen in the future.

I cannot tolerate the taste of apple pie.  I used to enjoy it, but many apple pies arrived at our house after the death of a relative.  Following that, each time I ate apple pie, someone died.  After I realized what was happening, I never ate another bite of apple pie, and try not to even think about it.  However, sometimes I can be enjoying green beans and they suddenly taste like apple pie.  Then somebody I know dies.

I don’t mean to scare anyone.  It is perfectly harmless to practice enhancing the various psychic receivers.  My own experiences are due to an ability that runs in my family, and goes way back to some seventh daughter of some seventh son way back in the misty past.

I hope you will try the various practice techniques, and I feel that you will enjoy then,  At the very least, you will become more aware of the world around you.

Bye for now from Sweet Nan.yellow_bird


See The Future – Tip 2

Psychic Flashes, like fireflies, can be in the air all around us.











This is a quick,  fun and easy exercise that will help you enhance your psychic abilities.  WHAT?  You think you don’t have any?

DING!  DING!  DING!  Wrong!

We all have some degree of  psychic ability, and you can learn to enhance your ability to catch, harness and use your psychic talents to your own advantage.

The name of the game is LEARNING TO FOCUS!



For this lesson, you will need a little notebook, in a size that is easy to write in, and a pen or pencil.  Make it kind of a fat notebook.  You will need a page or two for each day.  Find a good pen that doesn’t make you crazy and cause you to lose focus trying to get the damn thing to write.  After all, we are psychics, not magicians.

And you will need a dictionary, a real one with pages.  A small paperback dictionary is just fine.

Notebook gif

PhotoFunia 2016-05-15 11 43 27 default_jpg

Each day, you will sit quietly, and try to put your mind in a state of repose.  You will open your dictionary at random places and put your finger on the first word that comes to your attention.

Write the date and time in your notebook, and make a list of the 20 words that you have chosen at random.  It doesn’t matter if it is a long word, a short word, or a word you never heard of before.  It can be a person’s name or the name of a place.  You will find out in the future that even fragments of a  word can tell you something.

Leave the next page blank.

The second page of each dated page is for your comments.  You will be keeping track of any associations you can make related to any of the words on your list.  For instance, if you should write down the word “wire,” you might receive a telegram;  you might step on a piece of wire; something you own may have a broken wire on it, or you may need to buy a wire brush for cleaning.

Feel free to use two notebooks if you like; one for lists, and one for comments.

You don’t have to memorize your word list and consciously look for associations.  Just relax and gradually you will begin to notice things associated with one of the words on your list.

And don’t scare yourself to death with this lesson.  For instance, if you write down a word like “die” or “death,”  it would probably relate more to a house plant or to swatting flies.  Or even something similar-silly, as if you put your white underwear in the washer with blue clothes, your undies may be dyed blue.

So, just have fun with this lesson.  If you gain nothing else, you will develop a better awareness of yourself and your activities, and you might learn a new word or two.  Then you can be a writer.   Ding!  Ding!  Ding!No, don’t do that!  All writers are broke, egotistical, and mentally challenged.

I’ll be back soon with Tip #3 on how to enhance your psychic ability.

Bye from Sweet Nan yellow_bird_thumb.gif