On a Personal Note…

Apologies to those who follow my blog and have noticed that I AM NOT WRITING. My domain name came up for renewal recently, and I considered dropping out entirely. However, after much consideration, I decided to try again.

I am undergoing treatment at USC for a rare eye disorder called Chronic Progressive External Ophthalmoplegia.  I have re-named it “CSS” (can’t see shit).  Over the years, the muscles that control eye movement have become paralyzed.  At this point, my eyes will not move side to side, or up or down.  I can still see straight ahead, but the vision is poor and is complicated by ptosis, a related condition which makes the eyelids droop: In my case, ptosis shuts off half the vision I have left.

Many people have worse problems than I have, and go on bravely with their lives and activities.  I am not one of those people.  I am a wimp.  I complain and become depressed and cranky.  At this moment, I have my eyes taped open so I can see the computer.  I was even more upset a few minutes ago because I couldn’t see enough to find the tape I use on my eyes

There is more, but you get the idea. On my good days, I try to stay active on Twitter. It is fun for me, and I can start and stop at any time with no commitment to finish or continue. I still love all the ghosts, goblins, witches, vampires and other strange beings. Love to read about them and write about them.

I will see the NeuroOpthalmologist at USC at the end of the month. I am trying not to become excited, since I do not know what the prognosis will be. I can only hope for the best.

I thank you again for bearing with me.


Bye for now from


It’s Not a Bird; It’s Not a Plane; It’s an Omen!

face-in-crystal-2-1Are you listening? People talk about seeing the future, but as a matter of fact, we all do. We just don’t pay any attention to the many omens coming over the universal pipeline.

My friend Maria had a bad feeling about her hair appointment. She knew her regular hairdresser was on vacation, and she kept getting pictures in her mind of a mangled mess of her hair. But she told herself to stop being silly and go get her hair cut.

Half an hour later, Maria was lying in a hospital bed with a big white bandage over her partially shaved head. There had been an accident in the parking lot of the beauty salon,

I am not suggesting that we consider every event, sight, sound or thought an omen. We would be in a poor state of chaos and confusion if we did that. But we can train ourselves to become observant and thoughtful so we can pick out trends and strong possibilities from the everyday chaff blowing in the wind.

There is no need to consider recognizing omens as psychic mumbo-jumbo. We buy insurance to protect our cars and homes, take medical tests to protect our health, and do our best to educate ourselves in order to lead safer and more enjoyable lives. Why would it be unreasonable to train our minds and brains as well, so that we can prepare ourselves for events that may be coming our way in the future?

There are thousands of bits of information coming at us all the time. We must learn to filter it so we will know what is important and what is not, and then analyze the small parts we have separated out to see how they fit together, much like putting together a jigsaw puzzle.imagesMVSRTD43

I used to do a crossword puzzle every morning while I had coffee and planned my day. At first, it was just entertainment. Little by little, I realized that certain words or phrases would jump off the page at me. I started a little notebook, noting down dates and words that attracted my attention, and I began to see patterns and hints that applied directly to my day, week, or month ahead.

Over a long time period, I had learned how to focus while doing my puzzle. As time went on, it got easier, and I was never without clues that turned into omens.

I could have done the same thing with a deck of cards, an ordinary book, tea leaves or coffee grounds, or any number of other ways to focus and meditate, because that’s really all it is.

If you are headed vaguely towards the dairy farm to get fresh eggs and milk, you might wander through pastures and go round in circles. But if you know where that dairy farm is, and pay attention to the road signs, you will arrive before all the eggs and milk are sold to people who are (1) aware and (2) prepared.

If you want to be a step ahead of the crowd and get a look and feel for what’s coming down the pike, there are lots of simple ways to learn how to do it.

My cousin Julie was going to look at used cars again one day. She came into the kitchen, and said, “Okay Swami. Will I find a car that I can afford today?”

Without hesitation, I told her that she would find a shiny black car with red markings on it, and it would have the name of a bird associated with it. I also told her she would be leaving the car lot because the price was too high, but the salesman would call her back and lower the price.  My puzzle notes had provided all of these key words.

Two last things had appeared in my puzzle that morning, “junk” and “beware.” So I told Julie I hoped she would decide not to buy the flashy but unreliable car. Two days later, she had to call a two truck to get home, but she was young and loved the looks of the Firebird and the attention she got while driving it.

If you want to learn to recognize and use your omens, my advice is to “Open up Your Psychic Inbox” and let them come flowing in.

Bye for now from Sweet Nan.




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I’m Not Superstitious !?

Of course I'm not superstitious!  My fingers are crossed only because my hands are cold.

Of course I’m not superstitious.  My fingers are crossed only because my hands are cold!…

But how about you?

Hello – I’m a black cat.  Do you love me or do you fear me?


Superstitions abound all over the world; not just about black cats, but about almost anything you can imagine.  But we will start with the much-maligned black cat.  

  • Edgar Allen Poe owned a black cat.  He was quite devoted to it, and often used a black cat in his writings.
  • Black cats are are found liberally sprinkled throughout all kinds of literature, from the classics to modern day books, movies, television, blogs, and tweets.  One of my favorites is an old movie with Kim Novak as a witch and a sleek black cat as her familiar.
  • In many cities, you cannot adopt a cat from a shelter during the month of October to protect the animals from mean or reckless Halloween pranks
  • Black cats are worshipped in India, believed to be good luck.
  • It is considered good luck to have a black cat in your house as a pet, but if a different black cat crosses your path, it then brings bad luck.
  •  Witches are believed to have black cats as companions or “familiars.”  The cats are used to spy on people and to help cast spells.  Some witches have other animals as their familiars.  Crows and other black birds and fierce black dogs are not uncommon.

Get me to the church on time!

2.     WEDDINGS “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” is just one of many superstitions about weddings, as well as the bride tossing the bridal bouquet over her shoulder in the belief that the lucky flower catcher will herself get married within the year. Many others include:

  • Don’t get married in a leap year or on a Saturday.  Sunday marriages are destined for good fortune.
  • Rain on the wedding day means very good luck pertaining to becoming wealthy in the future. 
  • Oh, here’s a good one! If the bride looks at the groom through the wedding ring, he will always be faithful to her.  Divorce lawyers would cry into their beers if this were true!  Worth a try, though.
  • Brides wear white to suggest that they are virgins.  The origin of this superstition comes from “the old days” when the bride BETTER be a virgin or else.  In arranged marriages, the father often “sold” his young daughters to the highest bidders based on their virginity and their attractiveness.  In modern times, the bride wears white in order to stand out from other females in the wedding.  For instance, the bridesmaids might wear the famous seafoam green gowns. It is not necessarily bad luck, but certainly bad taste, for another woman in the wedding party to wear white.  This is the bride’s day.
  • 3. Funerals:

  • The silliest one I can think of is “the good die young.” Some idiot made that up, and it stuck.  But obviously, age and good or evil natures do not apply to death.  I kind of wish that the BAD would die young.  Then, we might not have so many murderers and child molesters living to a ripe old age.
    •  I like this one:  if you hear a clap of thunder just after the funeral, that sound is the deceased entering heaven. There are so many funeral superstitions from all over the world, so I can only mention some of the more interesting ones.
    • Death comes in threes. This especially applies to celebrities. Whenever a famous person dies, everyone is waiting for the two other shoes to drop. And sure enough, it seems to happen, depending on how liberal your definition of “celebrity” is.
    • Some people believe that birds are portents of death. For instance, if you see an owl during the daytime or hear an owl hoot, someone you know will die. If a wild bird flies into your house, yes, another portent of death. (Or a need to get window screens and keep the door closed.) If a bird sits on your window sill and looks in, it is looking for the one next to die. But if you keep a bird in the house as a pet, it is thought to bring good luck.
    • If you are sitting or standing at a gravesite and a butterfly lights on your hands or shoulder, it is the deceased saying goodbye to you. (This actually happened to me, and I did not know what it meant.)
    • I can’t find a decent picture of a ladder.  Please use your psychic powers to conjure one up. You can do it, see? ,
  •  4. Ladders, walking under, “Oh, let’s go do that!…Maybe a hammer will fall on our heads or maybe we’ll step on a nail.” Common sense, where art thou? There are many more accidents caused by falling off a ladder than walking under them. And people get hurt all the time while trying to climb the ladder to success.
    • Climbing the ladder to heaven is what farmers do, while their city cousins climb the famous stairway. Some people try levitation or astral projection to reach heaven without climbing anything. But if they actually got there, how does anybody know? I don’t want to bring politics into this, but I understand a person we all know and lo…,(off subject/lost focus) has a private military jet all pimped up for the job
  •  \

5.    Good luck and bad luck portents are too numerous to fit in a book, much less a blog. Here are some of them.

  • Good Luck:
  • Baseball: spit on your bat and you will make a home run.
  • See three butterflies in a row – good luck
  • Always wear new clothes on Easter for good luck all year.
  • If you go to a casino, put a nickel in your shoe and play the nickel slots before you do anything else.
  • It’s good luck to see a cow lift its right rear leg. Okay, let’s all go out and look for cows now. There should be some nearby. 
  • Bad Luck:
  • When you move to a new home, buy a new broom. Bringing an old broom to a new place is bad luck. I think you need to leave your old dirt behind so you can create new dirt.
  • Don’t put hats on a bed.
  • Don’t open umbrellas inside the house. (unless it’s raining in there) Bad luck to hear a dog howling at night (especially if it’s your dog.
  • Get out of bed on the same side you got in or you will have bad luck.
  • Bad luck to give a pair of socks to your boyfriend or girlfriend – They will walk away from you.
  • If you see rings on any wood surface, you will get married within 6 months. (I’m not sure if that’s good luck or bad luck).
  • No singing and dancing, hear? If you sing before seven, you’ll cry at eleven.

  • 6. Triskaidekaphobes are those of us who fear Friday the 13th. I don’t, of course, and I’m sure that you don’t, either. Oh, but what fun it is to observe reactions to this unique day.  And this is one superstition where actual facts abound. Some are quite startling. Here are 13 such facts.
  • Many office buildings, high-rise apartment buildings and hotels have no 13th floor. They just skip from the 12th floor to 14th floor. Too many people would refuse to pay rent for anything on the 13th floor.
  • Lots of hospitals do not have any Room 13s. If you travel a lot, you may have noticed that most airports lack a Gate 13, and airplanes have no 13th row.
  • Many large shipping lines and cruise ships will not leave port on Friday the 13th. Friday the 13th is avoided for weddings, funerals, grand openings, and any large public event. It is blamed for floods, earthquakes, and other disasters. Consider Apollo 13.
  • Even large cities try not to have a 13th Street, and in many cases, house numbers will skip from12A, for example, to 14A. It is said that one city in Italy has a street denoted as 12 ½ th Street, but I have not been able to verify this.
  • I must end this article, as I am yawning, and yawning is a sign of bad luck! However, I would like to thank for some of the information used in this post. It’s a great site with lots of unusual topics that are fun to explore.
  • Bye for now from Sweet Nan (zzzz)


On a serious note, I have mentioned Brother Jim in the introduction and several subsequent posts.  Brother Jim is my real brother, and he has passed away.  His memorial service will be tomorrow at a church in Texas, and his funeral will be on December 9th, one day before his birthday would have been.  He was possibly the kindest man that ever lived. My Jimmy was a true prophet. He had a pipeline to heaven.  He knew and told me many things that I cannot share with anyone.  It is my hope that he will continue to communicate with me and provide the grace and guidance that he has given me for many years,  He was a Christian minister, and his congregation consisted of hundreds of devoted followers.  His ministry, The Steppingstones, will be carried on in his name.  My dear brother Jimmy, I will miss you terribly.

Do You Have a Spirit Animal?

Welcome  to Psychic Flashes from Sweet Nan.  Please pull up a magic hand chair and stay for a spell.superphoto_creation_2017-04-24_112309

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DancerI miss Sammy & Kirbyadorable animal breed canine


Oh, George, your spirit animal must be a mule.  I’ve never seen anybody so stubborn!”

horse on field   Hee Haw.  I’m George.

Yes, the idea of a spirit animal is just a joke to most folks.  However, the belief goes back a long way, and some people are convinced they do have a spirit animal, and some of them know what their animal is.

Well, whether or not you believe in spirit animals, let’s take a quick look at some of your habits, dreams, likes and dislikes.  You might have a spirit animal and not know it.

But first, a little background:


It is thought that the belief in spirit animals goes all the way back to the Vikings, with their headgear with horns to indicate courage and the ships they sailed with long, curved bows like the head and neck of a fearsome animal.  This viewpoint is disputed among experts.



A more popular and proven origin of the spirit animal lies with the North American Indigenous Indians.  Tribal traditions vary, but if a young man came into some contact with an animal, it was thought to be his spirit animal from than on.   For instance, if he crossed paths with a mountain lion, and the animal just looked at him and did not attack and kill him, this was his spirit animal.


Also, if a young warrior was out with members of his tribe, and an eagle seemed to appear wherever he went, the eagle had made it known that as his spirit guide, he would share hunting and fishing skills, keen eyesight, grace and beauty, and live his life on a higher plane.  Lucky lad.  He gained more respect from his tribal family than his friend, who had an unfortunate encounter with a skunk.

Octopus gif

Sometimes a tribal chief would designate a sprit animal for a young person based on dreams or other significant indications.  A youth who liked to eat and sleep might be given a bear as his spirit animal; whereas a youth who liked to run and play might have a buck,


Females of the tribe were not usually considered for a spirit animal.  Their role in life was to work and bear children.  There were some exceptions, however.  If you have an interest, you may enjoy reading a post I wrote a couple of years ago entitled “The Naming Ceremony.”7[1]

Now, what about you?  Do you feel a particular kinship with a certain animal?  Are you a dog lover or a cat lover?  Or do you lean more to the exotic side, and have (or would like to have) a snake or a beautiful parrot born in a foreign land.  What you like and don’t like are important clues to what your spirit animal might be.


If we lived in a remote place where wild animals are near, it would be much easier to determine what spirit animal we have.  Imagine standing on a rocky cliff overlooking the ocean and waiting for the porpoise or whale to rise out of the water to greet you.  Do you watch the nature shows on TV hoping to see that whale or porpoise?  If you feel a strong attraction, that would be a determining factor.



Look for signs.  You might be taking a Uber to the airport or a bus to work.  While stuck in traffic, you see a billboard advertising a movie or a tourist spot.  There is your porpoise or your whale, bigger than life.   And that same night, you dream about whales. I think that means you have identified your spirit animal.


Since most of us live in a city, we only see the usual animals – cats and dogs, pigeons, rats and insects.  There is the occasional squirrel or rabbit to be seen in a park or wooded area.  So you must think about the animal that fascinates you and then look for signs.


I don’t know what my spirit animal is, but I know what it is not:  a dog.  A dog bit me when I was a small child (more fear than hurt.)  I remember walking to school as a small child and all the way up to a teenager:  dogs would follow me, nip at my heels and bark at me.  They still don’t like me.  My boss bought his dog into the office one Saturday when we were working overtime, and the dog ran at me, barking furiously.  I could only sit there at my desk, trapped.  The dog kept the same behavior up until it was finally taken outside.


I often wonder if I have a spirit animal that dogs can sense and are afraid of.  I wonder what animal dogs fear the most – a bigger dog?  A wild cat?  Some type of bird or reptile? But I cannot imagine any of those creatures being my spirit animal.  I do like cats, but not crazy-like.  Allergies preclude any pets in the house anyway.

I can think of only one other possibility:  Maybe I was a Dog Catcher in  previous life!

So, follow all the psychic signs.  The universe is trying to tell you what your spirit animal is, and much, much more.

Bye for now from Sweet Nan

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Rain acts as a trigger for me, making it easier to receive and perceive psychic information and images.


Do you ever have very vivid dreams that seem like reality?  When you wake up, are you confused because you’re not sure if you’re awake or dreaming?  These dreams are called “lucid dreams.”  Not everyone has them, but those who do usually remember them quite clearly.  Some worry that the dream means something, is warning or predicting something.  And sometimes they are.  And sometimes, they are just reminding you about that chili dog you had for dinner. 


I have an old friend, Eleanor.  We met in high school, and have somehow managed to keep in touch, if on an occasional basis.  She has kept me informed about her job, marriage, and divorce, but mostly about her daughter, Marianne.  With Marianne being her only child, naturally she is the most beautiful, the most intelligent, the most popular, and all the other “mosts,” according to her mother.   You know mothers like that, don’t you.  It’s just that very few of their children actually live up to their mothers’ impressions of them. 

close up photography of woman sleeping

Photo by bruce mars on

I have never met Marianne in person, but I have received some fairly strong impressions of her.  I believe she is kind of on the lazy side, a bit selfish, not a druggie, but smokes a little weed when she can, and she has made some bad choices in friends, especially boyfriends.  And she is a dreamer.  She dreams almost every time she sleeps, and many of these are lucid dreams.  And she is afraid of something.  Her fear is almost tangible.  She wears it like a coat on a cold winter day.


Not long ago during daily meditation, I picked up a very strong impression of Marianne being beaten and violently raped.  The next day, Eleanor called, sounding very fearful, almost hysterical, voice shaking.  She said something awful was wrong with Marianne.  She showed up at home with signs of being beaten.  She had a black eye, bruises all over, and soreness and bleeding scratches in her vaginal area.  In short, she appeared to have been brutally raped and beaten.  Eleanor begged to take her to the hospital, but Marianne said all of these things happened while she was asleep and dreaming, and that she must have inflicted the injuries on herself. 


As Eleanor knows, I don’t do readings any more, since I lost a good friend in a fire (another time, another story).  I agreed to call Marianne on the phone and just talk with her in the hope of clarifying the situation.


It was a rainy afternoon when I called Marianne.  Rain seems to be one of my triggers to receive and perceive information, so I felt relaxed and comfortable.  However, Marianne was anything but relaxed and comfortable.  She resented her mother’s interference in asking me to call her. and was impatient and a bit rude to me.  She said she did have lucid dreams, and had had them for years, and yes, they grew progressively worse, and more violent as time went by.


I questioned her about medical treatment.  She had been diagnosed with sleep apnea, and was provided with a CPAP machine and an oxygen generator.  Marianne said this helped for about 6 months, but then she seemed to go back to her bad dreams.  Her doctor sent her for a follow up sleep study, and during this treatment, she woke up suddenly and attacked the sleep technician.  She said she was embarrassed and very regretful over this incident, and did not like to talk about it.  I could not blame her for feeling that way.  She said that they consequently wanted her to spend some time in a mental health facility, but she rejected this out of hand, and refused any further medical treatment.


So there it was.  I felt that Marianne probably had an aneurism or some other disruption in her brain causing the violent lucid dreams, but she was refusing further medical intervention because of her (very real and feasible) fear of going into a mental facility.  “But how can you deal with it by yourself?” I asked her.


“I am using sedatives before I go to sleep.  Before you ask, my boyfriend gets them for me.  So far they work pretty well, and he stays with me most nights to make sure I am okay.  I believe I am in an early stage of menopause right now, and if I can get past that, I think this problem will just go away.  Just hormones, see?’


“Okay, Marianne.  Thank you for indulging me.  I hope your method works for you.  Please feel free to call me if you feel like talking.or if there is anything I can do to help you.”


“I might just do that.  I enjoyed talking to you after all.  Feeling a little lighter after getting all this off my chest.  Bye, thank you.”


After that, I called Eleanor pretty often.  I learned that Marianne had gotten progressively worse, and now walked in her sleep a lot.  “She moves around like a ghost,” Eleanor said.  “She doesn’t even see me.  Just walks around.  I have to make sure she doesn’t go outside.”

“You must be very tired,” I said gently.


“Marianne is the one who is tired.  She never gets a normal night’s sleep.  She is thin and pale. and when I try to talk to her, she says things like not to bother, that she is going to die soon anyway.” 

Funeral 2

“Eleanor, I think you should contact emergency services and have Marianne taken into a mental health facility on a 24 hour hold.  They will do that to keep her from harming herself.  And they will evaluate her, and maybe get her further treatment.”


Two months later:  Heard a thud and a squish and knew the newspaper had landed in the middle of my azaleas again.  Put on a robe and garden boots and went out to fetch the paper.  Super large bold print proclaimed:

green leaf plant near white concrete column

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on

Woman kills boyfriend, mother and herself after being released

from a mental health facility earlier that day.. 

Says a dream told her to do it…

Tears do not come, but guilt, depression, and a sick at heart feeling have taken over my former “If you don’t like what I say and do, stick it” attitude.  I try not to think about people lest I somehow harm them.  When my brother was a small child, someone asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up.  He replied that he wanted to be a helmet.  Of course, everybody  looked puzzled.  “You want to be  a hat?” someone  asked.  Without  missing a beat, he said “No, no!  A helmet, like those people who live all by themselves in caves so people won’t bother them.” Great hilarity ensued.


So that is what I want to be right now, a helmet.  See you next time, soon as I come out of my cave.caveman with cell


I would like to add that the story in this blog is true, but has been somewhat changed and enhanced to protect the privacy of those individuals involved, and to make for more enjoyable reading.  You should not think that dreams can kill.  Otherwise, wouldn’t we all be dead?  Lots of material is available for reading about dreams in general and lucid dreams.  I think it’s a good idea to learn more if you are interested, but you must avoid going overboard and taking things too seriously.  We have an abundance of priests and politicians to do this for us.


Bye for now from Sweet Nan.  Please come back soon!






After the Fall: Medical Monkeyshines


Welcome to Psychic Flashes!

In my last post, I described how much fun it was to fall down and lie helplessly on an asphalt parking lot, freezing and enduring the searing pain striking my body over and over like the fangs of an angry cobra.  And I described the strange foreboding that caused me to find things I had to do before I could leave the house.

There is no point in describing the pain in any further detail;  
everyone knows about pain.  But I did want to comment on a few things I 
found out during my medical adventure, good, bad. and just odd.

The Ambulance and Paramedics:  Have you ever been taken to a hospital in
an ambulance before?  This was my first experience.  The accident 
occurred very near to the hospital,  so the ambulance was there in just 
minutes.  There were two paramedics, a male and a female, both young, 
and both very pleasant.  They made sure I was conscious and breathing, 
and asked me questions;  What is your name, did you lose consciousness at 
any time, where is the pain, does this hurt (YES), do you think you can 
stand up (NO).  They were very careful picking me up and putting me onto 
the gurney, and then slid me into the ambulance like eggs into a pan.

The female paramedic drove the ambulance, and the male stayed in back 
with me.  He kept checking my blood pressure, pulse and oxygen levels 
and asked more questions to determine where the pain was coming from, 
legs, hip – I wasn’t much help because the pain engulfed my whole 
midsection; I didn’t know where it started or ended.  He gave me an 
injection of painkiller.  If he told me what it was, I don’t remember.  
I was kind of in a daze and noticed I could see everything very clearly 
through the back window of the ambulance.  I could tell where we were, 
and could see all the traffic behind us, especially the car immediately 
following.  If you are ever in a car following an ambulance, know that 
the people inside can see every move you make.  It’s just like looking at 
a lighted screen, so don’t pick your nose or scratch your privates.   
Just a friendly little paranormal tip.

 Rain 4

Amid chaos, find serenity in your mind

The Emergency Room was chaos.  People everywhere, walking, wheeling carts 
around, lying on a gurney like me, lost-looking relatives standing 
around, technicians scurrying here and there with equipment, people on 
computers, some policemen striding purposefully in and out of rooms, 
medical staff flirting and joking with one another. There were no rooms 
(a room being a curtained-off cubicle lining each side of the ER).  My 
paramedics stayed with me as I lay on the gurney waiting for a room.  
Other occupied gurneys jockeyed for position as more and more came in.

The paramedics played a game of moving back and forth to allow passage of 
people and equipment.  It made me think of Victorian dance movements, up 
and back, step forward, bow and turn, step back.  The pain injection was 
obviously working.
We were there in the long hallway for hours.  I did ask my male paramedic
why they were still there, and he explained that when someone was 
transported by the paramedics, they had to stay with the patient until 
the patient was admitted or examined and released, or otherwise signed 
off from the care of the paramedics.I was astonished to hear this.  No 
wonder ambulance bills are outrageously high.  What a waste of time!  I 
looked around the hallway to see at least five or six other gurneys, each
with two attendants standing by.  How many man-hours are wasted?  

What’s wrong with these people that they can’t figure out a more 
efficient system? Everybody who complains about the high cost of medical 
care, please take a good look at this!  I have vented.  Thank you, I feel
I think it was five or six hours that I waited to be assigned to a room.  
The nurses made me comfortable and gave me more pain medication.  A 
person from Admitting came and gave me a stack of papers to sign. 
Somewhat dazed and very tired, I signed everything.  I was later taken
to X-Ray.  It seemed dark and cold there, and I wanted to go back to my 
warm bed.  At last, the doctor came with X-Ray films in hand.  He told 
me I had a broken pelvis.  I asked him if it was just sort of a hairline
break, and he said, “Sorry, no.  It’s a full pelvic fracture.  Wish I 
had better news.”

Back in my room, I rested and waited for the doctor.  He had looked at 
the films and told me that with the type of fracture I had, there was 
nothing the hospital could do to treat it.  Braces or surgery were not 
indicated, it would just take time to heal.  The doctor said he would 
send me to a rehab facility for “a day or two” to help me with walking 
and getting back on my feet.  I asked to go home and look into the rehab
situation later.  He informed me that I had already signed up for the 

Comment (or complaint) Number 2 about medical care:  It does not seem 
right to have a patient sign a lot of consent forms when they are 
injured, dazed, tired and under the influence of pain medication.  
There must be a better way!

Oh, by the way:  I found out that If you are transported by ambulance 
from one facility to another on a non-emergency basis, your insurance 
most likely will not cover any part of your ambulance bill.  It’s all 
yours, and you signed admission papers agreeing to it.

The worst part of all:  The Rehab Facility.  Essentially not having been
given a choice, I was transported again by ambulance to a rehab facility.  
I will not name it, but I guess I could call it Hell.  I was sent there 
for therapy to help me walk and get back on my feet, but instead, I was 
confined to a bed and not allowed to even go to the bathroom unless I was 
accompanied by a nurse.  It was shortly after Thanksgiving, and the 
rehab therapists were few and far between.  I languished in bed, 
receiving no physical therapy.  

When I wanted to go home, the administrator threatened me.  He said, “I 
decide when you go home, not you.  And if you give me any trouble about 
being released now or in the future, I will make sure your insurance 
denies payment for your entire stay here.”  I cannot comment further on 
the nightmare treatment at the rehab center.

Don’t get me wrong; I am very grateful to have the medical care provided
to citizens of the United States.  I appreciate my doctors and the 
excellent care they provide.  But I ran across the bad apple. It happens.

Rain trees wind gif

Visions and Sounds of rain are the best meditation devices for me.  Yours may be quite different; a beach or music, perhaps.

I had to spend a lot of time in bed, so I used some of the time for meditation.  I think it saved my sanity.  Also, I began to get small flashes from people I did not know who needed advice or help.  I have put a few of my replies on Twitter. I do want to clarify that I am not a psychic or a medium.  I do have well-developed intuitive senses which I have come by naturally and have cultivated over a long period of time.  So if you need advice or guidance on some matter, I might be able to help. 

You could contact me on or: CarnationsReturn@SweetNan1.  Any service or advice I may be able to provide would be entirely free.  My blog is not for business purposes, nor is my Twitter account.  They are just for fun and to provide an outlet for my need to write.   Thank you for joining me on my blog and on Twitter.  I appreciate your interest, and hope you will return.  In my next post, we will be back with matters of the paranormal 

Bye for now from Sweet Nan


Just Layin’ on the Blacktop Watchin’ All the Stars Roll By

There was nothing graceful about it, my fall. Just missed my step and there I was lying on the oily dirt of the parking lot with fire shooting up and down the entire left side of my body. The back of my head meeting the pavement was nothing compared to the flashing, pulsating fangs of pain devouring my flesh.

And I had known it, or something like it, was coming. It began with a peculiar tingle in my spine when I saw the Free Birthday Meal invitation from Denny’s in my Email. They are kind enough to send me one every year, and I was pleased.

Now, I’m no snob. I like Denny’s. I like their food, the variety of their menu, and the casual atmosphere. When we go to Denny’s, I usually throw on a tee shirt and jeans, sandals and a couple of toe rings. Good enough.

We used the coupon shortly after Thanksgiving, being tired of rich ham, turkey and other holiday treats. I was looking forward to a hamburger and fries for lunch.

But I did not grab jeans and shirt and go. I found things I needed to do. I took an extra long bath. I shaved my legs. I conditioned my hair. Trimmed my toenails. Gave myself a facial. Tried on two or three outfits and six pairs of shoes. My significant other was definitely looking at me funny. At last we left the house and ended up at Denny’s at dinnertime. Dark and cold by then, and I was chilled and a little nauseous. Most of my dinner was placed in a take-out carton, and I only wanted to go home and be warm and safe.

It was only one steep step down into the parking lot.

People rushed to help; they were all so concerned. A few offered to help me up, but I knew I could not and should not try to stand. They gathered around, having called 911, and looked frustrated that nothing could be done. Someone was kind enough to bring me a blanket. I was shaking so hard from the cold and the pain, I clutched the blanket like a lifeline, and in a daze, heard the fire truck and ambulance coming closer.

Sincere thanks to all my followers who have patiently waited, not crossing me off their lists. I am okay now, but changed in ways that never would have occurred to me.

This is my first blog post since the accident, and I feel as though I should keep it short. I have much to report about the aftermath and the things stolen from me by the thief called pain, and the things given to me by the most important people in my life.

Back soon. Bye for now from Sweet Nan.