I’m Not Superstitious !?

Of course I'm not superstitious!  My fingers are crossed only because my hands are cold.

Of course I’m not superstitious.  My fingers are crossed only because my hands are cold!…

But how about you?

Hello – I’m a black cat.  Do you love me or do you fear me?


Superstitions abound all over the world; not just about black cats, but about almost anything you can imagine.  But we will start with the much-maligned black cat.  

  • Edgar Allen Poe owned a black cat.  He was quite devoted to it, and often used a black cat in his writings.
  • Black cats are are found liberally sprinkled throughout all kinds of literature, from the classics to modern day books, movies, television, blogs, and tweets.  One of my favorites is an old movie with Kim Novak as a witch and a sleek black cat as her familiar.
  • In many cities, you cannot adopt a cat from a shelter during the month of October to protect the animals from mean or reckless Halloween pranks
  • Black cats are worshipped in India, believed to be good luck.
  • It is considered good luck to have a black cat in your house as a pet, but if a different black cat crosses your path, it then brings bad luck.
  •  Witches are believed to have black cats as companions or “familiars.”  The cats are used to spy on people and to help cast spells.  Some witches have other animals as their familiars.  Crows and other black birds and fierce black dogs are not uncommon.

Get me to the church on time!

2.     WEDDINGS “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” is just one of many superstitions about weddings, as well as the bride tossing the bridal bouquet over her shoulder in the belief that the lucky flower catcher will herself get married within the year. Many others include:

  • Don’t get married in a leap year or on a Saturday.  Sunday marriages are destined for good fortune.
  • Rain on the wedding day means very good luck pertaining to becoming wealthy in the future. 
  • Oh, here’s a good one! If the bride looks at the groom through the wedding ring, he will always be faithful to her.  Divorce lawyers would cry into their beers if this were true!  Worth a try, though.
  • Brides wear white to suggest that they are virgins.  The origin of this superstition comes from “the old days” when the bride BETTER be a virgin or else.  In arranged marriages, the father often “sold” his young daughters to the highest bidders based on their virginity and their attractiveness.  In modern times, the bride wears white in order to stand out from other females in the wedding.  For instance, the bridesmaids might wear the famous seafoam green gowns. It is not necessarily bad luck, but certainly bad taste, for another woman in the wedding party to wear white.  This is the bride’s day.
  • 3. Funerals:

  • The silliest one I can think of is “the good die young.” Some idiot made that up, and it stuck.  But obviously, age and good or evil natures do not apply to death.  I kind of wish that the BAD would die young.  Then, we might not have so many murderers and child molesters living to a ripe old age.
    •  I like this one:  if you hear a clap of thunder just after the funeral, that sound is the deceased entering heaven. There are so many funeral superstitions from all over the world, so I can only mention some of the more interesting ones.
    • Death comes in threes. This especially applies to celebrities. Whenever a famous person dies, everyone is waiting for the two other shoes to drop. And sure enough, it seems to happen, depending on how liberal your definition of “celebrity” is.
    • Some people believe that birds are portents of death. For instance, if you see an owl during the daytime or hear an owl hoot, someone you know will die. If a wild bird flies into your house, yes, another portent of death. (Or a need to get window screens and keep the door closed.) If a bird sits on your window sill and looks in, it is looking for the one next to die. But if you keep a bird in the house as a pet, it is thought to bring good luck.
    • If you are sitting or standing at a gravesite and a butterfly lights on your hands or shoulder, it is the deceased saying goodbye to you. (This actually happened to me, and I did not know what it meant.)
    • I can’t find a decent picture of a ladder.  Please use your psychic powers to conjure one up. You can do it, see? ,
  •  4. Ladders, walking under, “Oh, let’s go do that!…Maybe a hammer will fall on our heads or maybe we’ll step on a nail.” Common sense, where art thou? There are many more accidents caused by falling off a ladder than walking under them. And people get hurt all the time while trying to climb the ladder to success.
    • Climbing the ladder to heaven is what farmers do, while their city cousins climb the famous stairway. Some people try levitation or astral projection to reach heaven without climbing anything. But if they actually got there, how does anybody know? I don’t want to bring politics into this, but I understand a person we all know and lo…,(off subject/lost focus) has a private military jet all pimped up for the job
  •  \

5.    Good luck and bad luck portents are too numerous to fit in a book, much less a blog. Here are some of them.

  • Good Luck:
  • Baseball: spit on your bat and you will make a home run.
  • See three butterflies in a row – good luck
  • Always wear new clothes on Easter for good luck all year.
  • If you go to a casino, put a nickel in your shoe and play the nickel slots before you do anything else.
  • It’s good luck to see a cow lift its right rear leg. Okay, let’s all go out and look for cows now. There should be some nearby. 
  • Bad Luck:
  • When you move to a new home, buy a new broom. Bringing an old broom to a new place is bad luck. I think you need to leave your old dirt behind so you can create new dirt.
  • Don’t put hats on a bed.
  • Don’t open umbrellas inside the house. (unless it’s raining in there) Bad luck to hear a dog howling at night (especially if it’s your dog.
  • Get out of bed on the same side you got in or you will have bad luck.
  • Bad luck to give a pair of socks to your boyfriend or girlfriend – They will walk away from you.
  • If you see rings on any wood surface, you will get married within 6 months. (I’m not sure if that’s good luck or bad luck).
  • No singing and dancing, hear? If you sing before seven, you’ll cry at eleven.

  • 6. Triskaidekaphobes are those of us who fear Friday the 13th. I don’t, of course, and I’m sure that you don’t, either. Oh, but what fun it is to observe reactions to this unique day.  And this is one superstition where actual facts abound. Some are quite startling. Here are 13 such facts.
  • Many office buildings, high-rise apartment buildings and hotels have no 13th floor. They just skip from the 12th floor to 14th floor. Too many people would refuse to pay rent for anything on the 13th floor.
  • Lots of hospitals do not have any Room 13s. If you travel a lot, you may have noticed that most airports lack a Gate 13, and airplanes have no 13th row.
  • Many large shipping lines and cruise ships will not leave port on Friday the 13th. Friday the 13th is avoided for weddings, funerals, grand openings, and any large public event. It is blamed for floods, earthquakes, and other disasters. Consider Apollo 13.
  • Even large cities try not to have a 13th Street, and in many cases, house numbers will skip from12A, for example, to 14A. It is said that one city in Italy has a street denoted as 12 ½ th Street, but I have not been able to verify this.
  • I must end this article, as I am yawning, and yawning is a sign of bad luck! However, I would like to thank for some of the information used in this post. It’s a great site with lots of unusual topics that are fun to explore.
  • Bye for now from Sweet Nan (zzzz)


On a serious note, I have mentioned Brother Jim in the introduction and several subsequent posts.  Brother Jim is my real brother, and he has passed away.  His memorial service will be tomorrow at a church in Texas, and his funeral will be on December 9th, one day before his birthday would have been.  He was possibly the kindest man that ever lived. My Jimmy was a true prophet. He had a pipeline to heaven.  He knew and told me many things that I cannot share with anyone.  It is my hope that he will continue to communicate with me and provide the grace and guidance that he has given me for many years,  He was a Christian minister, and his congregation consisted of hundreds of devoted followers.  His ministry, The Steppingstones, will be carried on in his name.  My dear brother Jimmy, I will miss you terribly.

Window on My World

window rain gif - Copy (2)

Whether storm or sprinkle, thoughts fall into our fertile minds and either flourish and grow there, or dwindle and die.

Presented here are a few of the thoughts that are growing in the garden of my mind.

yellow_birdGIFs:  I am very fond of photos and pictures, especially animations.  I doubt you will ever see a photo of me that has not been photoshopped six ways from Sunday.  I like to use various free photo editing apps to enhance, change, and/or add text to pictures.

child bench umbrellaThis picture is one of my favorites.  I found it in Google Images, the most amazing collection of illustrations I have ever seen.   As a child in the South, I used to sit on the front porch swing and watch the rain and lightning and listen to the thunder.  My mother frowned on this, and when she made me come inside,  I would sit by the fireplace, which had floor to ceiling bookcases on each side, and read everything from The Grapes of Wrath to The Bobbsey Twins.  In Southern California, I guess I am starved for rain and thunderstorms, so I am more or less fixated on any weather different than the constant hot sun baking my brain every day.

Name Stolen from Sweet Alice:  Why I call myself “Sweet Nan” As you may have observed from my tweets and other writings,  I am not particularly sweet.  As a matter of fact, I tend to be sarcastic, grumpy and overly-critical at times.  I have been an admirer of Ms. Harris for a long time.  I have followed her activities in the newspapers, and observed her energy, selflessness, and good works.  I believe her inner nature is as sweet as her face.  I had hoped that by keeping her name in mind, I might develop some of her good qualities.  So far, no luck.

sweet alice

Sweet Alice Harris

Alice Harris, also known as “Sweet Alice”, is a community organizer based in the neighborhood of Watts, Los Angeles, California. She is the founder and executive director of Parents of Watts, a local youth outreach group. Wikipedia

Born: January 14, 1934 (age 81), Gadsden, AL

Education: California State University, Dominguez Hills

Residence: Watts, Los Angeles, CA

My Opinion on World Affairs:

World affairs are in a very big mess, as everybody knows.  Humans are greedy, warlike creatures, and most wars are fought in the name of religion or good works, but are actually based on greed.  As you know, I am an expert on politics and world affairs (Excuse me, I just put a fudgecicle in my cup of coffee, and it is delicious).

Did we really need to go rescue people from the awful dictator Saddam Hussein?  No, they were doing just fine until we meddled in their business.  We meddled in their business because we wanted what Saddam Hussein had (oil and riches), so we destroyed his city and killed a lot of his people, and we still didn’t get anything.  Then we had to go back and rebuild what we had torn up.  What madness is that?

I can remember my blood pressure going up to Pointing upSurprised smile there when I read side by side columns in the newspaper about (1) what wonderful new schools we were building in Iraq and the wonderful new textbooks and other materials we were stocking them with, and (2) How schools in the United States had no money for textbooks, and teachers in many areas were buying school supplies out of their own salaries.  Just one side of the story, to be sure.  Our own schools waste money like crazy, and our students still get a poor education.  But that’s another story, another opinion, another blog.

PET PEEVE: Immigration, Legal and Illegal

Image result for illegal immigration ANIMATED GIFWhen this country was young, we needed people to come and help build it.  So in came an influx of people from other countries.  The Chinese helped build the railroads.  Many of the Irish were police and firemen.  I don’t believe they were treated very kindly, but they were welcomed as workers and new settlers.

As the years passed, we became a well populated country; some called it a “melting pot.” At some point, we should have realized that we had enough workers, enough people, and that adding more would eventually lead to overpopulation and over crowded living conditions.

Image result for jammed freeways animatedBut in our great wisdom, we did not stop or even attempt to limit immigration.  People continued to pour in, legally or illegally.  They wanted what Americans had, jobs, good wages, homes, cars, big televisions…and they got them, along with welfare benefits, free medical care, free education, and many other things.

Some of us ask, “Why does my neighbor who came here illegally have a better house, a newer car, and more money in welfare benefits than I have on a pension I worked all my life to pay for?” And “Why do they have five or six different names and social security numbers, and why do the women have a child every year to get a bigger check (and teach their daughters to do the same, and on and on).

I personally know a doctor from Russia who came here illegally. She was able to get a green card, social security number, drivers license, and so on, with some help from an immigration attorney and a gullible man she took up with.  She had to take some more (free) college classes to get her medical license here, but she did that, and then sent for her parents, brothers and sisters.  When asked how they would live, she said they were already signed up for everything (housing, welfare, medical, etc.) before they even set foot on American ground.

So through our own original population and the immigrants, legal and illegal, we have overpopulation conditions leading to what I think of as “The Vanishing Americans.”

Raining on FlowersI see there is a little sprinkle of rain today in Los Angeles, and I have shared a little sprinkle of the thoughts that have grown in the garden of my mind.  Unfortunately, it looks like they were mostly weeds, and thankfully nobody reads my blog, or I would be roundly criticized.

Bye for now from Sweet Nan.