I’m Not Superstitious !?

Of course I'm not superstitious!  My fingers are crossed only because my hands are cold.

Of course I’m not superstitious.  My fingers are crossed only because my hands are cold!…

But how about you?

Hello – I’m a black cat.  Do you love me or do you fear me?


Superstitions abound all over the world; not just about black cats, but about almost anything you can imagine.  But we will start with the much-maligned black cat.  

  • Edgar Allen Poe owned a black cat.  He was quite devoted to it, and often used a black cat in his writings.
  • Black cats are are found liberally sprinkled throughout all kinds of literature, from the classics to modern day books, movies, television, blogs, and tweets.  One of my favorites is an old movie with Kim Novak as a witch and a sleek black cat as her familiar.
  • In many cities, you cannot adopt a cat from a shelter during the month of October to protect the animals from mean or reckless Halloween pranks
  • Black cats are worshipped in India, believed to be good luck.
  • It is considered good luck to have a black cat in your house as a pet, but if a different black cat crosses your path, it then brings bad luck.
  •  Witches are believed to have black cats as companions or “familiars.”  The cats are used to spy on people and to help cast spells.  Some witches have other animals as their familiars.  Crows and other black birds and fierce black dogs are not uncommon.

Get me to the church on time!

2.     WEDDINGS “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” is just one of many superstitions about weddings, as well as the bride tossing the bridal bouquet over her shoulder in the belief that the lucky flower catcher will herself get married within the year. Many others include:

  • Don’t get married in a leap year or on a Saturday.  Sunday marriages are destined for good fortune.
  • Rain on the wedding day means very good luck pertaining to becoming wealthy in the future. 
  • Oh, here’s a good one! If the bride looks at the groom through the wedding ring, he will always be faithful to her.  Divorce lawyers would cry into their beers if this were true!  Worth a try, though.
  • Brides wear white to suggest that they are virgins.  The origin of this superstition comes from “the old days” when the bride BETTER be a virgin or else.  In arranged marriages, the father often “sold” his young daughters to the highest bidders based on their virginity and their attractiveness.  In modern times, the bride wears white in order to stand out from other females in the wedding.  For instance, the bridesmaids might wear the famous seafoam green gowns. It is not necessarily bad luck, but certainly bad taste, for another woman in the wedding party to wear white.  This is the bride’s day.
  • 3. Funerals:

  • The silliest one I can think of is “the good die young.” Some idiot made that up, and it stuck.  But obviously, age and good or evil natures do not apply to death.  I kind of wish that the BAD would die young.  Then, we might not have so many murderers and child molesters living to a ripe old age.
    •  I like this one:  if you hear a clap of thunder just after the funeral, that sound is the deceased entering heaven. There are so many funeral superstitions from all over the world, so I can only mention some of the more interesting ones.
    • Death comes in threes. This especially applies to celebrities. Whenever a famous person dies, everyone is waiting for the two other shoes to drop. And sure enough, it seems to happen, depending on how liberal your definition of “celebrity” is.
    • Some people believe that birds are portents of death. For instance, if you see an owl during the daytime or hear an owl hoot, someone you know will die. If a wild bird flies into your house, yes, another portent of death. (Or a need to get window screens and keep the door closed.) If a bird sits on your window sill and looks in, it is looking for the one next to die. But if you keep a bird in the house as a pet, it is thought to bring good luck.
    • If you are sitting or standing at a gravesite and a butterfly lights on your hands or shoulder, it is the deceased saying goodbye to you. (This actually happened to me, and I did not know what it meant.)
    • I can’t find a decent picture of a ladder.  Please use your psychic powers to conjure one up. You can do it, see? ,
  •  4. Ladders, walking under, “Oh, let’s go do that!…Maybe a hammer will fall on our heads or maybe we’ll step on a nail.” Common sense, where art thou? There are many more accidents caused by falling off a ladder than walking under them. And people get hurt all the time while trying to climb the ladder to success.
    • Climbing the ladder to heaven is what farmers do, while their city cousins climb the famous stairway. Some people try levitation or astral projection to reach heaven without climbing anything. But if they actually got there, how does anybody know? I don’t want to bring politics into this, but I understand a person we all know and lo…,(off subject/lost focus) has a private military jet all pimped up for the job
  •  \

5.    Good luck and bad luck portents are too numerous to fit in a book, much less a blog. Here are some of them.

  • Good Luck:
  • Baseball: spit on your bat and you will make a home run.
  • See three butterflies in a row – good luck
  • Always wear new clothes on Easter for good luck all year.
  • If you go to a casino, put a nickel in your shoe and play the nickel slots before you do anything else.
  • It’s good luck to see a cow lift its right rear leg. Okay, let’s all go out and look for cows now. There should be some nearby. 
  • Bad Luck:
  • When you move to a new home, buy a new broom. Bringing an old broom to a new place is bad luck. I think you need to leave your old dirt behind so you can create new dirt.
  • Don’t put hats on a bed.
  • Don’t open umbrellas inside the house. (unless it’s raining in there) Bad luck to hear a dog howling at night (especially if it’s your dog.
  • Get out of bed on the same side you got in or you will have bad luck.
  • Bad luck to give a pair of socks to your boyfriend or girlfriend – They will walk away from you.
  • If you see rings on any wood surface, you will get married within 6 months. (I’m not sure if that’s good luck or bad luck).
  • No singing and dancing, hear? If you sing before seven, you’ll cry at eleven.

  • 6. Triskaidekaphobes are those of us who fear Friday the 13th. I don’t, of course, and I’m sure that you don’t, either. Oh, but what fun it is to observe reactions to this unique day.  And this is one superstition where actual facts abound. Some are quite startling. Here are 13 such facts.
  • Many office buildings, high-rise apartment buildings and hotels have no 13th floor. They just skip from the 12th floor to 14th floor. Too many people would refuse to pay rent for anything on the 13th floor.
  • Lots of hospitals do not have any Room 13s. If you travel a lot, you may have noticed that most airports lack a Gate 13, and airplanes have no 13th row.
  • Many large shipping lines and cruise ships will not leave port on Friday the 13th. Friday the 13th is avoided for weddings, funerals, grand openings, and any large public event. It is blamed for floods, earthquakes, and other disasters. Consider Apollo 13.
  • Even large cities try not to have a 13th Street, and in many cases, house numbers will skip from12A, for example, to 14A. It is said that one city in Italy has a street denoted as 12 ½ th Street, but I have not been able to verify this.
  • I must end this article, as I am yawning, and yawning is a sign of bad luck! However, I would like to thank for some of the information used in this post. It’s a great site with lots of unusual topics that are fun to explore.
  • Bye for now from Sweet Nan (zzzz)


On a serious note, I have mentioned Brother Jim in the introduction and several subsequent posts.  Brother Jim is my real brother, and he has passed away.  His memorial service will be tomorrow at a church in Texas, and his funeral will be on December 9th, one day before his birthday would have been.  He was possibly the kindest man that ever lived. My Jimmy was a true prophet. He had a pipeline to heaven.  He knew and told me many things that I cannot share with anyone.  It is my hope that he will continue to communicate with me and provide the grace and guidance that he has given me for many years,  He was a Christian minister, and his congregation consisted of hundreds of devoted followers.  His ministry, The Steppingstones, will be carried on in his name.  My dear brother Jimmy, I will miss you terribly.

After the Fall: Medical Monkeyshines


Welcome to Psychic Flashes!

In my last post, I described how much fun it was to fall down and lie helplessly on an asphalt parking lot, freezing and enduring the searing pain striking my body over and over like the fangs of an angry cobra.  And I described the strange foreboding that caused me to find things I had to do before I could leave the house.

There is no point in describing the pain in any further detail;  
everyone knows about pain.  But I did want to comment on a few things I 
found out during my medical adventure, good, bad. and just odd.

The Ambulance and Paramedics:  Have you ever been taken to a hospital in
an ambulance before?  This was my first experience.  The accident 
occurred very near to the hospital,  so the ambulance was there in just 
minutes.  There were two paramedics, a male and a female, both young, 
and both very pleasant.  They made sure I was conscious and breathing, 
and asked me questions;  What is your name, did you lose consciousness at 
any time, where is the pain, does this hurt (YES), do you think you can 
stand up (NO).  They were very careful picking me up and putting me onto 
the gurney, and then slid me into the ambulance like eggs into a pan.

The female paramedic drove the ambulance, and the male stayed in back 
with me.  He kept checking my blood pressure, pulse and oxygen levels 
and asked more questions to determine where the pain was coming from, 
legs, hip – I wasn’t much help because the pain engulfed my whole 
midsection; I didn’t know where it started or ended.  He gave me an 
injection of painkiller.  If he told me what it was, I don’t remember.  
I was kind of in a daze and noticed I could see everything very clearly 
through the back window of the ambulance.  I could tell where we were, 
and could see all the traffic behind us, especially the car immediately 
following.  If you are ever in a car following an ambulance, know that 
the people inside can see every move you make.  It’s just like looking at 
a lighted screen, so don’t pick your nose or scratch your privates.   
Just a friendly little paranormal tip.

 Rain 4

Amid chaos, find serenity in your mind

The Emergency Room was chaos.  People everywhere, walking, wheeling carts 
around, lying on a gurney like me, lost-looking relatives standing 
around, technicians scurrying here and there with equipment, people on 
computers, some policemen striding purposefully in and out of rooms, 
medical staff flirting and joking with one another. There were no rooms 
(a room being a curtained-off cubicle lining each side of the ER).  My 
paramedics stayed with me as I lay on the gurney waiting for a room.  
Other occupied gurneys jockeyed for position as more and more came in.

The paramedics played a game of moving back and forth to allow passage of 
people and equipment.  It made me think of Victorian dance movements, up 
and back, step forward, bow and turn, step back.  The pain injection was 
obviously working.
We were there in the long hallway for hours.  I did ask my male paramedic
why they were still there, and he explained that when someone was 
transported by the paramedics, they had to stay with the patient until 
the patient was admitted or examined and released, or otherwise signed 
off from the care of the paramedics.I was astonished to hear this.  No 
wonder ambulance bills are outrageously high.  What a waste of time!  I 
looked around the hallway to see at least five or six other gurneys, each
with two attendants standing by.  How many man-hours are wasted?  

What’s wrong with these people that they can’t figure out a more 
efficient system? Everybody who complains about the high cost of medical 
care, please take a good look at this!  I have vented.  Thank you, I feel
I think it was five or six hours that I waited to be assigned to a room.  
The nurses made me comfortable and gave me more pain medication.  A 
person from Admitting came and gave me a stack of papers to sign. 
Somewhat dazed and very tired, I signed everything.  I was later taken
to X-Ray.  It seemed dark and cold there, and I wanted to go back to my 
warm bed.  At last, the doctor came with X-Ray films in hand.  He told 
me I had a broken pelvis.  I asked him if it was just sort of a hairline
break, and he said, “Sorry, no.  It’s a full pelvic fracture.  Wish I 
had better news.”

Back in my room, I rested and waited for the doctor.  He had looked at 
the films and told me that with the type of fracture I had, there was 
nothing the hospital could do to treat it.  Braces or surgery were not 
indicated, it would just take time to heal.  The doctor said he would 
send me to a rehab facility for “a day or two” to help me with walking 
and getting back on my feet.  I asked to go home and look into the rehab
situation later.  He informed me that I had already signed up for the 

Comment (or complaint) Number 2 about medical care:  It does not seem 
right to have a patient sign a lot of consent forms when they are 
injured, dazed, tired and under the influence of pain medication.  
There must be a better way!

Oh, by the way:  I found out that If you are transported by ambulance 
from one facility to another on a non-emergency basis, your insurance 
most likely will not cover any part of your ambulance bill.  It’s all 
yours, and you signed admission papers agreeing to it.

The worst part of all:  The Rehab Facility.  Essentially not having been
given a choice, I was transported again by ambulance to a rehab facility.  
I will not name it, but I guess I could call it Hell.  I was sent there 
for therapy to help me walk and get back on my feet, but instead, I was 
confined to a bed and not allowed to even go to the bathroom unless I was 
accompanied by a nurse.  It was shortly after Thanksgiving, and the 
rehab therapists were few and far between.  I languished in bed, 
receiving no physical therapy.  

When I wanted to go home, the administrator threatened me.  He said, “I 
decide when you go home, not you.  And if you give me any trouble about 
being released now or in the future, I will make sure your insurance 
denies payment for your entire stay here.”  I cannot comment further on 
the nightmare treatment at the rehab center.

Don’t get me wrong; I am very grateful to have the medical care provided
to citizens of the United States.  I appreciate my doctors and the 
excellent care they provide.  But I ran across the bad apple. It happens.

Rain trees wind gif

Visions and Sounds of rain are the best meditation devices for me.  Yours may be quite different; a beach or music, perhaps.

I had to spend a lot of time in bed, so I used some of the time for meditation.  I think it saved my sanity.  Also, I began to get small flashes from people I did not know who needed advice or help.  I have put a few of my replies on Twitter. I do want to clarify that I am not a psychic or a medium.  I do have well-developed intuitive senses which I have come by naturally and have cultivated over a long period of time.  So if you need advice or guidance on some matter, I might be able to help. 

You could contact me on or: CarnationsReturn@SweetNan1.  Any service or advice I may be able to provide would be entirely free.  My blog is not for business purposes, nor is my Twitter account.  They are just for fun and to provide an outlet for my need to write.   Thank you for joining me on my blog and on Twitter.  I appreciate your interest, and hope you will return.  In my next post, we will be back with matters of the paranormal 

Bye for now from Sweet Nan


You Are the Ghost of Your Past


As an adult today, I am really only the ghost of my past.  And so are you – Think about it!  You consist of elements of many things:  infancy, childhood, teen, young adult…and more.  You may have elements of past lives, in which you lived, hated or loved, and died.  But little pieces of all that rich matter still stick to you, whether you realize it or not. 

A lot of your past is easily recognizable, like your attitudes, habits, and physical appearance.  For instance, I always wanted light colored hair.  I must have cornered the market on bleaching products, and tried my best to turn dark brown into platinum.  Now I feel the same, but my hair has obligingly turned silver.  I feel very comfortable with that.  It is as it should be.  On the other hand, some elements are not as pleasing.  I have my mother’s arthritis and her heart problems.  And one day I looked down and was shocked to see my mother’s legs.

I believe I have lived before.  Recurrent dreams show me an old, dark, drafty house with lots of hallways and staircases.  I fear it, but at the same time, I recognize it as “home.”

Swamp House


I see photos of English countrysides that are wild and cold, and I know I lived in a drafty cabin and died there. baby-by-fireplace


I can see the sunlight coming through the gaps in the rough walls in the daytime and can feel the cold wind coming through them at night.  I am cold, and I see a fireplace with a meager flame that needs to be fed.  In the corner is a cradle.  The infant in the cradle also needs to be fed, but I have nothing to give either one.  The child is too cold and sick to even cry.


I feel my lover brought me to this place from the city (London?) and left me and the infant here while he went to search for food.  He never returned.  I don’t know if he was killed or if he just abandoned me and went back to the city.  I see his face; I know him in this life.

Other memories:  Dancing in golden slippers to the delight of a room full of people;


wearing a powdered wig that itched and smelled bad from lack of washing;


writing day and night, not even stopping to sleep.

Notebook gif

Rescuing family members and friends in some type of space ship as the earth crumbled and fell to pieces.

monsoon 1


I don’t know where the wild imagination came from, but that last one has to be a fantasy.

Do you find yourself remembering things like this and wondering why they were familiar to you?  Do elements of your past rise up unexpectedly and hit you in the face?   Have you seen or met someone you are sure you know?  Don’t be afraid of memories.  Know that you are just beginning to store them up, and there will be many more.

You might think of yourself as a book being written.  Each chapter is a life you have lived.  The chapters may be very short, for instance, if you died in infancy.  Another chapter may be very long; you may have lived to a great age, and experienced many important and perhaps historical events.  You may have known Albert Einstein or Jesus.  You may have even walked upon another planet.  Think of the wisdom you have accumulated!

So, don’t fear your rich collection of memories.  Instead, try to connect with more of them, and use them to your benefit in your present life.

You may need to contact your spirit guide for help and guidance, but it is important to open up your psychic inbox, and allow these rich memories to enter your present world.

If you need help contacting your spirit guide, you may want to refer to the main menu of Psychic Flashes to read “Finding Your Spirit Guide.

I appreciate your favorable responses to the election post, “And the Next  President Is….Election Predictions from Top Psychics.”  I am glad so many of you enjoyed the different take on our crazy elections.  Thank you.yellow_bird_thumb.gif

Bye for now from Sweet Nan!yellow_birdthankyougraphics-17








Oh, Yes. almost forgot! – Happy Halloween


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Are You Pulling My Leg, My Dear?


Indian Maiden

The Naming Ceremony


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Amy’s Happiest Day


It was raining, and Amy burst into the kitchen, slipping on the tile floor and scattering her books on the kitchen table.  “Mom!  Mom!  Guess what happened!  Steve Stanford walked me home and carried my books!  Steve says he wants to see me again!  He’s the best football player  in school, and he’s a SENIOR!”  She whirled around, spraying raindrops all over the kitchen.

Grace gave her teenaged daughter a sour look.  “What’s Mr. Big Shot want with you?  Clean up your mess there and start peeling the potatoes”.  Grace was actually more worried than angry.  She knew Amy was just an average kid, neither attractive or unattractive, had a bland personality, had a few friends, but was far from being in any “in group.”  Only one thing this guy could want from her daughter.  Amy would get hurt one way or another.

“He’s just gorgeous!”  Amy later gushed on the phone to her best friend, Juanita.  “He’s tall and handsome and smart, and…Juannie, he’s a real gentleman!  He held my hand and carried my books, and when we got to my house, he looked kind of sad.  I asked what was wrong, and he said he didn’t want to leave me.  Then he hugged me and, so cute, kissed me on the nose and then on my mouth, so softly.  Then he laughed and walked away, turning around every few steps to wave to me and blow kisses!  It was the best thing that ever happened to me in my whole life!  Well, what do you think about it?  You haven’t said a word.”

“How could I”  You never stopped for breath even.  Are  you sure that was Steve Stanford, and not his cousin, Rob Anderson?  It seems like I’ve heard something, but I’m not sure what it was.”

girl walking home

“Oh, Juanns, I think you’re actually jealous.  And if you’re not, just wait till he takes me to the Prom!



Amy lay in bed awake for a very long time.  Sleepy, happy musings…all about Steve.  And how Steve had chosen her.  The news would be all over school tomorrow.  And everyone would crowd around her and want to be her friend.

It had happened before in this small, quiet town.  As a matter of fact, it had happened once a year for ten years.  The campus hero, best guy, most liked, would choose a freshman girl, approach her, and carry her books home.  Each year a young teen was handed a great big bubble of happiness, something wonderful to think about beyond her wildest dreams.

Sometimes it happened right away; other times, it would take two or three days.  In Amy’s case, it happened the very next morning before she was even able to get to school.  Hit by a car and fatally injured, there was no crowd of girls gathering around Amy to hear all about her new romance with the most wonderful Steve.  Instead, there were somber moods and grief counselors.  Juanita sat on the school steps and thought about her friend Amy.

She had laughed off Amy’s story, but something about it stirred a memory;  the old legend, the story like the man with the hook coming out of the fog, the ghost on the highway, and, now… The handsome football hero who showed up once a year to give a young girl the happiest hours of her life before she died.

I won’t reveal the name of the small town or the high school where these incidents occur.  The school officials even built a brand new high school in a new location, citing the age of the building.  But, as Amy knows, Steve found it.

This legend was revealed to me through meditation and automatic writing.  I hope you enjoyed it.

Bye for now from Sweet Nan




Confessions of a Telephone Psychic

1c2d580c4ac14c3c87fd1ace869722f3I used to sit by my window looking out at the world, with a deck of Tarot Cards on the table beside me.  I was waiting for the phone to ring so I could give a psychic reading.

rocking-chairfortune cartoon

You’ve seen them in the newspapers, and on late night television. Madame Zora, Sees All! Free Psychic Reading with Gifted Maria. Lady Luna will help you with your career goals. Your personal guide will help you keep your lover. Psychic Reading, first five minutes absolutely free!

Have you ever succumbed to curiosity and called one of these all-knowing seers? If you did, I’ll bet (Number 1) You had a heck of a telephone bill, and (Number 2) I’ll bet you enjoyed the reading, and it left you feeling better and looking forward to good things in your future.

eye jeweled


This is exactly how your psychic guide wants you to feel so you will call back again. If your caller does call back, and if they ask for you by name, said psychic reader will receive a whopper of a bonus! I recall receiving a $100 bonus each time a customer called back and asked for me.

I guess they don’t realize that a real psychic would not be doing any kind of telephone work at all.  Wonder why they’re not at Santa Anita betting 100 large on Charlie Horse?


And well deserved, too. This job sounds so easy – just sit at home and take calls according to your own schedule. You can sign in and out as you please. Sometimes you will sit there for hours waiting for a call, and other times, you just get one call after another, until you are exhausted.

crystal blue gold

It’s more of a nervous exhaustion I am speaking of. You know your instructor/boss may be on the line at any time monitoring your work.

I began by calling about part-time work, and was signed up to become a Certified Tarot Card Reader. I attended classes for a couple of weeks, ostensibly to learn how to read Tarot Cards. This sounds like a scam right up front, but I was not asked to pay for classes or anything else. They did require that I buy a deck of Tarot Cards, but I could have purchased them anywhere. They were not trying to get money from the Psychics-in-Training; they knew we didn’t have any money. They were teaching us to make money for them.  I did have to get a dedicated telephone line to be used only for readings.

I graduated from class with a Certified Tarot Card Reader Certificate and a very foggy notion of how the Tarot Cards worked.


The first time I logged in to receive calls, I sat for 5 hours without a call.  Finally, when I decided to try again another day, I received four or five calls, one after another. I was very nervous, but I got most people past the five minutes free time.  I soon figured out that the deck of cards were simply in the way.  I found out that I could just listen and pick up signals from people.  Love, work, or money.  Is he cheating on me?  Am I going to get a good job?  I began to ask small questions:  “Did you hear a funny noise in your car lately?”  Yes or no, I would advise them to have the brakes or blinker fluid or something checked.

Young women liked to hear that they would be married soon to a person they do or do not know at this time, with a description of the gentleman forthcoming.  I would give little flags, “He dresses nicely and likes to wear a lot of red.”   Or, “Pay more attention to smells.  He uses a distinctive cologne, and when you smell it, you will know.”


Some people had health concerns.  You don’t tell anyone that they or anyone they know is going to die.  Never, never.  You try to say something consoling and get off the subject quickly.   “That’s a nice TV set in your living room.  Is it new?”  Or, “Do you knit or sew?  I’m picking up a great sense of detail and patience.”

Sometimes you have to reach pretty far out.  “I see a crack in the sidewalk near you, and somebody is going to trip on it and fall.”  Or, “I feel that you are tired. You might be a little anemic.  Do you take iron or anything?”  People love to be told they are tired or not feeling up to par or that they are working too hard.  They love to be told they take care of everyone else and neglect themselves.  I might throw in a flag like, “You haven’t had any new clothes in a long time!  You need to go shopping for yourself.  Your colors are blue and pale yellow, and you need to wear them to keep your energy up.”

To worried moms whose children are playing sports:  Yes, they will get hurt, but not seriously.  Kids are kids.  They are going to get bumps and bruises, and they may even break an arm.  But that’s all in the process of growing up.  Try to stop worrying and just enjoy your happy and healthy children.

To an elderly lady missing her recently deceased husband:  “He’s always near you, dear.  Didn’t you just feel a little light touch on you shoulder?  He’s there, smiling down at you.  He wants you to be happy.”  She became one of my regular callers.  She always said how much better she felt after talking with me.  Is that bad?  I don’t think so.  She was lonesome and could afford to pay for my company.

Men are more likely to ask about jobs, careers, or money.  I advised one young man that he would have to work at his low-level job in a retail store for some time to come, but to be patient and plan for the future.  I told him I felt he would have his own business with three years, and that he should work towards that goal. He wanted to know what kind of business, so I told him what men like to hear; that he was strong and athletic, and I thought his business would have something to do with his physical strength.  He was overjoyed!  He wanted to own his own martial arts studio, and kept asking me how I knew.

It’s very difficult when you have a caller who is obviously watching the five free minutes tick by, and refuse to give any hints.  I had several things I would do here, give them their lucky numbers and lucky colors, and their lucky day of the week if they are still there.  Sometimes it works.  One caller said, “What about my poker game this Friday?  You said Monday is my lucky day, not Friday.”  I told him that the poker game would likely be called off anyway for some reason, probably bad weather.

I see this is running along at length, so I better close it up.  It’s fun to write about, so if anyone is interested, I might do a Part Two in the near future.  Wear your good colors, now, to keep your energy up, and don’t forget to wash behind your ears.

Bye for now from

Sweet Nan







Valentine in the Mist


Been alone too long.

It’s risky, I know.  But there are some good men on the Internet.  Good men looking for women my age.  Faded a little, but still pretty damn good looking.  Good enough to attract Lucas, a silver fox I can dream about.  Wonderful looking man, good manners, well educated, obviously.  Owns a house in Carmel by the Sea, a yacht named Valentine in the Mist, and runs his own public relations business.

Lucas says he can’t meet nice women because they’re all after his money.  Even as he laughed about that, I wondered how he could be so open and honest with me.

He sends me e-mails and texts and flowers.

  rosespinHe says he has actually known me for a long time, and he has adored me from afar for years and years.  What a romantic!   Nothing at all like my first husband, Walter.  Walter had money, old family money, but that was where the resemblance ended. Walter didn’t want me, he just wanted a baby machine.  He wanted sons to carry on the family name and the family estates and the family businesses.

Walter was old and looked old.  And acted old.  He even smelled old. When we were first married, he explained to me that most of his assets would be shared jointly with me until the first son was produced.  At that time, the assets would be shared between his son or sons and his family,  with a small share going to me upon his death.

I agreed this arrangement was perfectly fair and generous, and he entrusted me to deliver the document to his attorney.  Unfortunately, I was distracted and unable to complete this task.


Everyone knew Walter had a bad heart.  So when he drank too much and had a heart attack and died in the hot tub, it was never questioned.  The only surprise to the family was that he had left everything to me.

I lived well for years.  Traveled.  Never had to work.  Vacation homes.  Maybe enjoyed my cocktail hours a little too much and became a little bit blowsy.  Getting a little low in the finance department now.  Never was much good at investments.

But that’s okay.  Lucas is my new valentine.  He says he adores me and we will be together always.  I have the table set for our Valentine’s day dinner, champagne chilling, candles lit.  Now just waiting for Lucas to ring my doorbell and be one with him forever and forever.

Everything is ready, but I must find the room freshener.  What is that odd, musty smell?

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Bye for now from Sweet Nan.  yellow_bird


The Celebrity Ghost of the Trailer Park

bbd0f8f548ff6940b324a524c5e05ecfWell, she was a feisty one, Linda.  I guess this where I have to admit that I live in a trailer park, and Linda lived next door to me.  I didn’t like her at all, and maybe that’s why she comes back to haunt me from time to time.


Linda worked as a skater in the Ice Capades her whole adult life.  She was never what you would call a star.  She was more of a production skater.  She worked all the time in different routines and different productions, and apparently she did it well.  And she did it for many years, traveling all over the country, living in whatever accommodations were available, and worked long, long hours, learning new routines and practicing them.

Skating was all she lived for as a young girl, and she was a pretty blonde with stars in her eyes, and she was sure she  would be a headliner one day.   But it didn’t happen, and when she grew older, she didn’t know how to do anything else.

The physical and emotional toll it took on her was terrible.  Every bone and joint in her body had been beaten up so much over the years that arthritis and bad knees, ankles and back doesn’t even to begin to describe it.  Fairly early on, she turned to alcohol and pain pills to ease the pain and disappointment.  She was able to get away with that for a remarkably long time, until the day she just couldn’t even walk anymore and was also saddled with drug addiction.


Linda was forced to retire on disability and a small pension.  She had managed to save some money, and with this, she bought a refurbished mobile home which happened to be located right in front of my trailer.  When I looked out my front door, I saw the back of her trailer lengthwise, with her bathroom window almost directly in line with my front door.   Linda had friends who lived in the trailer park, and they looked after her and checked on her pretty often.

She was able to walk a little bit with crutches, and one day I heard something in my front yard.  When I looked out, there was Linda, standing awkwardly on two crutches, cutting roses from my bushes and putting them into a basket.  I want outside and greeted her, asking how she was doing.  She said she was in pain all the time, and she knew I wouldn’t mind if she took some of my roses.  I assured her it was okay, and then she explained she had run out of coffee and asked to borrow some.  I assisted her back to her front door with the roses and enough coffee for a couple of days.

I learned that Linda was not at all shy about asking for things.  If she saw me preparing to get in my car to go somewhere, she would ask for a ride.  I would then have to wait for her and usually go out of my way to drop her off wherever she wanted to go.  If she saw my husband outside mowing our lawn, she would come over and ask if he would mow her lawn, too, when he was finished.

She came over and asked for cigarettes.  When I told her I didn’t smoke, she asked for money to buy some.  I had a patio table with an umbrella and chairs outside.  Sometimes I would look outside and she would be just sitting there.  She said to me, “Your patio furniture is old.  You need to buy some new stuff and put this furniture in my yard.”  If anything was left outside on the patio, garden tools, BBQ utensils, or even potted plants, they would disappear.

One day, she offered to sell me a little digital clock radio for $10.00.  I was astonished.  I had put that same clock radio in the trash because it no longer worked.  By this time, I knew Linda was heavily into drugs.  She was prescribed a lot of pain medication for legitimate reasons, but I’m sure she was supplementing that with street drugs.

I think everyone avoided Linda.  Her friends in the neighborhood checked on her less often.  She stayed inside her own trailer more.  I no longer saw her sitting out on my patio.

There came a day when I heard a great commotion outside.  Half a dozen people were gathered outside Linda’s bathroom window, shouting, “Are you in there, Linda?  Are you all right?”  They could not see inside the window; it was high off the ground.  Someone went to get a ladder.  Someone called the police.  They asked me if I had seen or heard anything, but I had not.


Presently, the coroner arrived.  Linda was dead on her bathroom floor from a drug overdose.  She had been there for a couple of days.  A few weeks later, the trailer was hauled off to the junkyard, being too filthy for human habitation.  Before that, I did see some of the people who looked after her coming in and out, taking certain items with them.  The coroner had sealed the door, but someone broke it open, and people were in and out frequently.  I was glad when they finally took the trailer away.

I knew Linda was going to die.  I could see it in her eyes.  I was not what you would call kind to her, but maybe a little kinder than others.  I do not claim to have any special powers or abilities.  But I know I am very sensitive and have a vivid imagination.  I believe this combinations kicks in at times, like when sun and cold collide and produce thunderstorms.

When I experience this dynamic, I refer to it as my “knowings.”  It happens fairly often, and it happened this morning when I saw Linda sitting outside at my patio table.  She looked very much at home there..

lady on patioIsn’t that just my luck?  Why can’t I be haunted by George Clooney or Adrien Brody or at least someone interesting and friendly?

Bye for now from Sweet Nan

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The Atmosphere in Your Sphere

giphy[4] - Copy

I saw this in a dream once, and never forgot it.  The empty swing in the pouring rain.  Lights on inside the house.  Almost looks like someone moving around inside.  But there is no child on the swing, unless it is a ghost child that we cannot see.

There are many things we cannot see, but we can learn to see some of these hidden visions.  On the other hand, there are many things that we do see, but we don’t know how to recognize or interpret them.  If we want to see hidden images, we must create an atmosphere that is comfortable for us to work in.  I say work, because it isn’t easy to open your mind to the unknown images flashing through the very atmosphere.  We are literally breathing these images into our bodies, but we still do not see.  Unless we practice, and practice is indeed work.

Any kind of work is easier when we are comfortable in an atmosphere that will accommodate the type of work we are doing.  Would you be comfortable sitting on a sunny beach with lots of half-naked noisy people running around while you are writing your annual business outlook report on your laptop?

All right, guys, I heard that.  No, you should be in a quiet office with the necessary files conveniently at hand.  What if you need to bake cookies for the church picnic.  Would you consider going into the back yard and firing up the barbeque?  I hope not.  You don’t want to take lumps of charcoal to the picnic and watch people lose their dentures trying to eat them.

If you want to enhance the psychic abilities you already have, the best way to do that is to meditate.  It can be in your bedroom, where you can adjust music and lighting to your liking.  If you are an outdoor person, I can see you sitting by the ocean listening to the rise and fall of the waves.  Or if you can find one, sit under a shade tree beside a little brook.  I have to laugh at myself for putting that in.  I live in a city where the Los Angeles River is probably the only brook we have.

Personally, I enjoy the sight and sound of rain.  I will often meditate in my bedroom with soft lights and a recording of rain playing.  This kind of atmosphere works well for me, and I enjoy it.  However, everyone is different, and will need to find or create the atmosphere that is best for them.

Have fun with your atmosphere search, and please let me know if you find that babbling brook under the shade tree.  Bye for now.

Sweet Nan