Eat Your Words!

Food for thought is often cited.  Sometimes when one is deeply involved in writing, or worse, editing, one tends to nibble.  Snacks are not a bad idea at all, but there is a vast difference between celery sticks (ugh) and Cheetos.  As we concentrate on whether or not our hero will marry that sweet little girl in Dullsville or ride off into the sunset with the fem fatale who lives in the fast lane, we should take a moment to notice what else we are doing.

If you want food for thought, take a break from writing and read something somebody else wrote.  No matter how good or bad the writing is, it will provide you with something to think about.  A writer’s creative mind can interpret anything into something magical.  So, if you want to feed your mind rather than your waistline, reflect for a moment.  If not, well, go back to your Cheetos.  –Don’t get crumbs in the keyboard, now.

Bye for now, from Sweet Nan