See the Future – Tip 1

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You can learn to see little previews of the future in several quick, easy, and fun ways.  Since you may be a beginner, your first and most important step is to learn to focus. Experienced psychic readers can focus automatically, culling the pertinent information from the thousands of psychic flashes traveling through the air seeking a receiver.

Since we are new at the game, we will use a sort of crutch to help us to focus, in this case, a CROSSWORD PUZZLE. 


I love to do crossword puzzles!  I would do one every morning while having my coffee.  It seemed to make my day easier somehow, but I had no idea it was giving me little tips about what might occur and prepare me to deal with things.

coffee cup

Without even knowing where it was coming from, I had information about who would win the softball game, where parking tickets were being given out, who was sick but not telling anybody; small bits of information like that.  Family and friends teased me about being psychic.

My teenaged daughter came in the kitchen one morning to announce she was going to shop for a used car that day, and asked if I had any suggestions.  I looked down at the crossword I had just finished, and said “You will buy a small red car – fiery red – with the name of a bird in it. It will have some kind of decorations that look like wavy stripes on the sides. You will find it in a used car lot next to a car wash,  It will cost more than you have saved, but the price will be negotiated if you just say you don’t have that much money and start to leave. 

Later that day, she bought a red Firebird with flame decals on the sides.  The car lot was on a corner next to a car wash, and the salesman lowered the price when she started to leave. 

If you will do a crossword puzzle every day and pay attention to the words that appear, you will begin to focus.  It may happen quickly, or it may take more time, but if you keep at it, you will be rewarded by receiving some psychic flashes and enhancing your overall psychic abilities.

Good fortune to you, and bye for now from Sweet Nan.